Wet n Wild fun


Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th May

The 8th May – Leah’s birthday! 24 years old 😱

We all had to go to work, but luckily Leah finished a bit earlier than usual. (When I arrived at work a couple of people said to me ‘oh we weren’t expecting you in today’. Apparently I had booked the day off as holiday, me and my muddled head had completely forgotten about this! I could really have done with a day off as well 😏)

We had a little ‘hotdog’ 🌭 tea party in the evening.

My dreaded Shingles seemed to be extra painful this time 😫 I didn’t think it was advisable to go and volunteer this week.

On Sunday we went for Leah’s birthday outing, to Wet n Wild.

We were very lucky with the weather, it was a lovely warm and sunny day.

It was such fun 🤣

I got to show off my special talent – I can sit on water! 😱

(If you want to see more pics have a look on my Photos page!)

This was followed by a nice lunch in a local Harvester pub🍗🍟

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