Sunny Bank Holiday


Tuesday 1st to Monday 7th May

Can you believe that it is May already? because I can’t! This year seems to be going at high speed. I don’t like it, it needs to slow down.

The month started off for me with not feeling very well. I felt sick, achy and just not right.

I still went into work as I couldn’t afford the time off without pay. Tough days though.

I didn’t make it in to volunteer. I was feeling a bit fed up and even more exhausted than usual from the extra effort of working for two days while not feeling well, that I decided to be kind to myself for once and give myself a bit of a break. I ended up taking myself off shopping for Leah’s birthday presents. And I still went out for the Thursday evening walk, which I probably shouldn’t have done πŸ˜–

I spoke to the doctor about my blood pressure results (from having the monitor on for the day). The average reading was still a bit low, so I now have to take a lower dose of my Losartan medication and then retest in a few weeks.

The Bank Holiday weekend was hot and sunny β˜€οΈ How unusual is that?!

I planted some sunflower seeds.

Had a little walk around The Model Village in Bourton on the Water.

Had a lovely walk around Oxford.

I still wasn’t feeling too brilliant. It became clear why. Shingles had arrived again, no surprise as I always get them when I’ve been run down. But at least I was able to get out and spend some nice time in all the lovely sunshine πŸŒžπŸ˜€

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