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Transplantee snowboarder


Saturday 10th to Friday 16th February

It’s Winter Olympics time! β›·πŸ₯Œβ›Έ

It’s taking place in Pyeongchang County in South Korea. Live tv coverage is mainly shown in the mornings so that was my weekend sorted! Harder during the week when at work, but I’ve been watching when I get the chance.

I love to watch the snowboarding πŸ‚,Β the speed skating and the skeleton – where they career down the icy track head first reaching speeds of over 80 miles per hour.

None of which I’ve ever fancied doing myself! I’ve never even been skiing. Why would anyone want to pay to go on holiday to a cold country?! I can’t bear the cold β˜ƒ

Here areΒ 11 things you may not knowΒ about the Olympics. It’s quite an interesting read. If you click on the ‘Worst crashes and injuries’ box while in this link you will find some great photographs!

I also came across a video of Chris Klug, who is a professional alpine snowboarder. I really wanted to put the video on here so that you could see it but very annoyingly I just could not figure out how to get it into this post! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‘ So I’ll just tell you about him instead. He had a liver transplant in 2000 due to Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Then in 2002 he went on to compete in the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, where he won a bronze medal in the Parallel Giant Slalom. This was the first and so far only time a transplantee has competed in the Olympics, either winter or summer.

He has also released a book called To the Edge and Back: My Story from Organ Transplant Survivor to Olympic Snowboarder. This might be an interesting read πŸ“–

On Sunday we went out for the first time in ages to watch some live music in a local pub. Just a man and his guitar, he played for about four hours straight with no break, that must have took some doing. How does he remember all those words?!

Time to go and visit my favourite hairdresser! on Monday πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

A week of birthdays – my brother Peter’s on the 13th, my sister Julie’s on the 14th (a Valentine’s baby) and a visit for tea and cake πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‹ and then mine coming up in a few days. Where did all the birthday cards go when we all lived at home?! Funny that the three of us were all born in February and my other brother and sister were both born in October!

And not forgetting Valentines Day this week of course ❀

My walk on Thursday afternoon involved me walking down to the sorting office in our town to pick up a delivery for Robyn. I got the lovely job as she was at work until 8pm. Thankfully they weren’t too heavy but carrying one shoe box and one box even bigger up 3 steep hills was certainly a good workout and made my arms and shoulders ache! And then it turned out that it was my own birthday presents that I had struggled home with!

(By the way, my big toe hurts more and more ☹️)

Expensive car


Monday 5th to Friday 9th February

I don’t know what got into me on Monday!

First of all I started to do a bit of a major spring clean in the bathroom πŸ› (to be continued), I sorted washing and hung it outside on the line to dry, my treat was a trip to Nero’s for a blog β˜•οΈπŸ°, I walked 3.7 miles and then in the evening I cooked sweet chilli sausage pasta with roasted pepper, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes πŸ˜‹

But the rest of the week didn’t turn out to be quite so productive! 😣

After I have been to work I just feel so extremely tired that it’s hard to get myself to do more when I’m home. It’s just been so cold again this week which doesn’t help. I think that the extra effort my body is making in trying to keep me functioning while I’m there is draining me of my energy!!!

I must be mad because I always make the effort to then go back out into the freezing cold to suffer just a little bit more for my walks with Jackie and Alfie 🐢

I didn’t volunteer this week as I still had no car to get there. I tried to make use of the time and get some paperwork sorted but my concentration was so bad. This was making me very frustrated. I tried to persevere and got a little bit of it done in the end.

Then I heard from the garage. My car was finally ready for collection. I don’t think they even touched it on the first day, it was left on the side of a main road with some random car parked incredibly close to it 😑, then they told me that when they started to fix the brake pipes they came across another pipe that had previously been glued together and now needed replacing, so another wait for the part to be ordered, delivered and then for them to actually get round to fixing it. And this obviously was going to add more to my bill πŸ’· but what choice did I have really?

It’s a good job I love you Buzz because you have cost me a LOT of money. It is real nice to have you back though πŸš—πŸ˜ƒ

Snails 🐌


Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th February

On Thursday I went back to volunteer at the hospital, the first time since I had torn my calf muscle in November. Not being able to walk or drive, then Christmas and a couple of other appointments and things had all seemed to get in the way!

I went off for my usual walk afterwards. I had already decided to walk the exact same route as I took when I tore my calf muscle. As I got nearer to the crossing I did feel a bit apprehensive and was very thankful when I managed to get to the other side of the road in one piece!

Following the storm damage to my car it has been tucked away in a garage in Banbury since the 19th January while all the repairs were being done. I finally heard that it was ready for collection so we went to pick it up on Friday, later in the afternoon. Not really the best thing to do after a busy day at work and it being just the right time of day to get stuck in all the traffic πŸš™πŸšŒπŸš™πŸš—πŸš›

The MOT had run out on my car now. So I drove it straight back to another garage in our town where it was booked in for its MOT on Saturday morning.

And guess what? It failed πŸ˜– Yep, brilliant! Tyres, track rods (whatever on earth they might be?!) and brake pipes. And there’s an oil leak which also needs investigating too. When am I ever going to get my car back all sorted and ready to drive πŸ€”

Not the best news to start the ‘not very busy’! weekend.

(I just wanted to show you these fun teapot cosy’s which I found while having a look around on the Internet.

Aren’t they great?) πŸ™‚