Sunday evening – Admitted!


I eventually arrived at QE Hospital at I think about 8 this evening. I’m right on the very top floor. Higher than the helipad which I can see out my window. A military hospital so I will be looking out for the soldiers šŸ˜€ The hospital is newly built so my room is very posh really with ensuite shower room etc, floor to ceiling windows all along one side, plenty of space and chairs for ALL my visitors! But I’m on my own :/ I like to be by the nurses desk so I can see and hear everything that’s happening and hear all the gossip!! 

Gary (the man of my dreams!!!!) drove me up here with my two brilliant daughters. Leah’s found out how the windows open, chose the food she would have off the hospital menu, fiddled with the tv, and tipped me up in my remote controlled bed. Robyn has mainly been sat making funny noises out of her nose šŸ™‚

So they’ve put my name badge on, took my blood pressure, temperature, height, weight, so I’m ready to go …

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  1. Get you in an en suite, fully glazed, top floor apartment! Extreme measures to get gary to take you to the penthouse!! You’re allowed to enjoy the view provided your resting. Hope the girls remember to bring you cake as a treat.

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