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Lockdown Photo Challenge

Covid lockdown walks in Spring

Julie’s 60th πŸ₯³ in 2020

Pic of the month in 2019

Christmas 2018

Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights

The Big Feastival 2018

Cornbury 2018

Leah’s birthday

My birthday 2018

Christmas 2017

The Big Feastival 2017

Cornwall 2017

Cornbury 2017

April’s hospital visit!

My 50th birthday

Christmas 2016

Moving house

The Big Feastival

Cornwall 2016

Robyn’s birthday

Leah’s birthday

1st year celebrations

My birthday

Christmas 2015


Boat Trip




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  1. Hi, I had my liver transplant in 2013 at the QE in Birmingham, well I only live a couple of miles from it. At the time I was 65y and now at 68 I feel OK. Of course I have bad days but also more good days. Just as a footnote I am a patient who had his liver branded, but I hold no malace. After all how could I she a man who had saved my life.

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    • Hello!
      I am glad to hear you are doing well.
      Yes some days are tougher than others aren’t they? :/
      I can remember hearing and reading about this story in the news and wondering at the time, how was this actually found out. I guess you had a further operation after transplant?
      It’s a difficult one I guess, but I’m the same as you, my surgeons are my heroes.
      I look forward to chatting with you πŸ˜€


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