Monthly Archives: February 2015

Tuesday – Sneaky Pinny :)


Sneaked into Robyn’s bed again last night. Think I got a good nights sleep then. Then when she was getting ready for work first thing in the morning I think I was talking a bit of nonsense to her, I’ve finally gone mad!! 

Bit of a boring day today really, just did some jobs about the house. Oh I did go to my sisters for a cup of tea.

It seems that when I sit still for a while, especially during the evening, I start to get pain in my back and then under my ribcage. Seems to be right where my liver is. I can take this for so long then all of a sudden I just need to go and lay down, and I normally get relief from it this way. Heat packs/hot water bottles I find are also good. Don’t know if this is because I have a bit of fluid build up or whether it’s just my liver. Horrible having to live with this tho.

But I’m sure things are only going to get worse …

Sunday – Exciting Games


Today we were going out for my sisters birthday. I had an unsettled night and think I had bit of fluid build up as quite breathless at times and also not very ‘with it’ when I first woke up. Typical as I was going out and couldn’t just lay on the sofa. We went to Exciting Games in Headington. We were trapped in a room and we had to find this tiny bottle of vaccine because a disease was spreading across the world and it needed to be stopped. There were lots of drawers, shelves, even an old army jacket which had bits of information in and we had to work out the number combinations from these so that old army boxes, suitcases etc could be opened where you would find more information that you needed. We found the bottle in the end (with some help from the man I think). It was supposed to take you an hour, he said we went over by 3 minutes :/ – so we weren’t too great at saving the world.

Then we went to a nearby pub and had some lunch. Had a good day.

Saturday – Valentines Day πŸŒΉ


Mr Gary Walker bought me some roses!

Went on a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip. 

Then we went to my sisters for a cup of tea and had to endure eating one of Hannah’s awful birthday cupcakes. Only kidding Hannah they were delicious, fudge pieces, cherry pieces or just plain butterfly cakes. Yum-meeee. Maybe she’ll make me some for my birthday …

Thursday – Been naughty!


Today I decided I was going to clean our bathroom πŸ› 🚿 🚽 as it had been bugging me for ages. But of course I’ve suffered for it, hands and fingers cramping 😦

Then Hannah told me they were going to Tescos, hmm should I go or not? I decided to as it is nice to get out that house. I’ve got my brothers birthday, my sisters, and Valentine’s Day coming up, so I needed cards and presents. Its MY birthday soon everyone by the way.

Now I’m very tired and fidgety

Wednesday – Back on!


Was having a long lie in because I hadn’t got much sleep when the phone woke me. The QE hospital saying I was now back on the register. Can’t even remember what I did all day, so it can’t have been very exciting, but I know I was a bit slow and wobbly in the morning, then I bucked my ideas up a bit!