Sunday – Exciting Games


Today we were going out for my sisters birthday. I had an unsettled night and think I had bit of fluid build up as quite breathless at times and also not very ‘with it’ when I first woke up. Typical as I was going out and couldn’t just lay on the sofa. We went to Exciting Games in Headington. We were trapped in a room and we had to find this tiny bottle of vaccine because a disease was spreading across the world and it needed to be stopped. There were lots of drawers, shelves, even an old army jacket which had bits of information in and we had to work out the number combinations from these so that old army boxes, suitcases etc could be opened where you would find more information that you needed. We found the bottle in the end (with some help from the man I think). It was supposed to take you an hour, he said we went over by 3 minutes :/ – so we weren’t too great at saving the world.

Then we went to a nearby pub and had some lunch. Had a good day.

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