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I went to the seaside! 😀


Thursday 1st to Tuesday 6th July

A Monday spent in Weston-super-Mare. What a nice surprise, I went to the seaside! 😀

It was a bit of an overcast day but I enjoyed it, I even got to paddle my feet in the sea.

‘Weston-super-Mud’ is located on the Bristol Channel and the River Severn Estuary.

“The Bristol Channel has a large tidal range. The beach is sandy but low tide reveals areas of thick mud which are very dangerous to walk on.”

“The estuary’s funnel shape, its tidal range and the underlying geology of rock, gravel and sand produce strong tidal streams and high turbidity, giving the water a notable brown colouration. Turbidity, put simply, means the water is cloudy due to a high number of mud particles in the water.”

The seagulls certainly didn’t hang about when someone left the remains of their fish and chips 😱

The Grand Pier is well worth a visit.

The pier first opened in 1904. It has been destroyed by fire twice! in 1930 and 2008. It then re-opened after the latest fire in 2010. You will now find a cafe/restaurant, live music performances, a land train, a very big arcade with so many different machines to play on, there’s a Museum of Memories, soft play … lots to do 👍

And you can still get a donkey ride on the beach! It is thought that this tradition started in 1886. Even The Beatles have rode the donkeys, when they visited in 1963!

While we were walking along the beach I managed to get this video of the donkeys enjoying their play time at the end of another busy day giving childrens’ rides 🐎

Star prize


Thursday 24th to Wednesday 30th June

A nice afternoon spent at Oxford University Hospitals’ Volunteer Summer Gathering. Think I might have got star prize thanks to my lucky bag, which was also full of food goodies 😋 I won a garden centre gift voucher, just perfect for me 😀 Thank you.

And another nice afternoon spent at Blenheim Palace Flower Show. There were some really lovely flower displays and so many different flowers and plants for sale, amongst other things.

I wasn’t really in the mood to take lots of photos of them all as I usually would 😏 but I did take this one of a succulent display. It has given me some nice ideas. I love the witches hat, but they are all quite amazing.

Here’s a couple of my own succulents, they have given me some lovely flowers this year 🙂

Look at this clever pic 🐞



Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 23rd June

Happy Birthday to Robyn 🎁🎂

We had a nice sunny day out in Stratford-upon-Avon ☀️

The life cycle of strawberries 🍓

Fascinating isn’t it?

Here’s my own first crop of strawberries for this year.

Yes some of them are very tiny, but that’s just one of the varieties that I have. I can also grow some bigger strawberries too!

Funny! 😆