Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th April

I did some odd bits and pieces in the town this afternoon before I went to meet my friend Jackie for a cuppa and a catch up.

Then off to my doctor’s appointment to get a couple of things checked out. She told me that I have a wart growing on the top of my lip (Robyn finds this absolutely hilarious by the way, such a lovely daughter isn’t she!) which apparently is as a result of my anti rejection medication. Because my immune system is so low it hasn’t fought off the wart virus in this case. I also have a mole that needs to be checked out for skin cancer. So she has referred me and I should get a phone call with an appointment to see a dermatologist within 2 weeks. She also said that as I will be going to the hospital then I can ask if they will freeze the wart for me at the same time, but if they won’t I will just have to buy an over the counter treatment, as it is seen as ‘cosmetic’ which is not funded by the NHS!

It’s great that my tacrolimus is looking after my liver but it’s now causing me all these other problems 😏

On Tuesday I just worked extra again until 4pm.

I didn’t feel very well at all on Wednesday morning while I was at work. I was extremely weary, my whole body felt very heavy and was aching and at times I felt very sick. I had also found another outbreak of my Shingles type virus too, in yet another place, which is not nice and also can make me feel a bit unwell for the first couple of days. I seem to be getting these more and more frequently now. More of the joys of a very weak immune system I guess πŸ˜”

At least I had something to look forward to, well kind of! I was going along to the salon later for Robyn to do my hair. She had told me she thought I should have my hair darker with a few blonde highlights now as my hair seems to have changed again and is growing back much darker (with less grey in it can you believe!) so my roots are always going to show much more. I had been warned earlier in the day by Robyn that I needed to try and think what I wanted to have done myself as it really annoys her that I can never make up my mind. I still couldn’t really think so I had decided to go with what Robyn had suggested but I told her that I DID NOT want symmetrical stripes of blonde down each side of my head. Robyn got cross with me then and said that was it, she was just doing my normal colour again, she knew I wouldn’t be happy with it being darker and she couldn’t cope with the stress of it all!!! I think she soon forgave me though as I still got a nice hair wash with a head massage.

Sorry Robyn, I know I’m a real pain πŸ˜–

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