April snow


Friday 15th to Sunday 17th April

This I think is a fantastic idea. I think it would definitely help to encourage more people to give blood if they were reminded of their good deed when the blood actually gets used.

Friday wasn’t very exciting I’m afraid, I went to work and then just gave the kitchen a bit of a tidy, among other things, in the afternoon.

Saturday and we woke up to snow this morning!

As you can see it didn’t hang around for long. Weird weather 🌨⛅️

The morning started off well for me as I sat and did a bit of online shopping. I managed to find a bomber jacket that I have been looking for that is made of suitable material so that I can iron some letters on the back of it to promote my website. (If it is successful I will show you a picture!) Also there was a promotion on the delivery charge today which made it so much cheaper. That made my mind up for me, I like a bargain!!! Order sent.

While I was doing this Gary had made me a bacon and mushroom sarnie which was just delicious 😋

Then we went into Banbury and looked round a few shops. When we came out of Tesco’s I was stood at the wrong car waiting for Gary to open it 😑 He had just carried on to his car waiting for me to realise! It was a completely different make of car but in my defence I have to say it was the same colour. Thank goodness there was no one sat in it, that would have been even more embarrassing. Shows just where my head is at the moment doesn’t it!!!

For dinner in the evening we had fish fingers, curly fries and peas! Kids food 🙃

I really enjoyed it. I don’t think Gary was too excited about it though!

On Sunday I went back and did a few jobs at home. Gary popped down to put some more grass seeds on the lawn as there was no growth at all from the other ones he had put down :/ Then we went along to Julie’s with Robyn to see what was going on there! She was out in the garden painting her new shed. Gary soon decided he needed to help!! Hannah made us all a cup of tea and gave me the thinnest slice of cake I have ever seen 😀

In the evening I signed my new consent form for The UK-PBC Genetics Study. I always take part in any research I can. If I can help all these very clever people to find a cure in the future for PBC then I will be happy. It’s a bloody horrible thing to live with. They now want to make this particular study bigger and better so they need a new consent form signed for the extra information they will be collecting. I am looking forward to doing my bit on this next stage for them.

My dad died 22 years ago today. Just a few weeks before Leah was born. That’s a long time to be without your dad for 😦 I can still remember that evening so clearly. I wish I had a chance to be able to share all those missing years with him 😢

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