Lots of steps


Wednesday 13th to Thursday 14th April

As soon as I got up this morning I didn’t talk to Robyn! It was either a shake or a nod of the head or a thumbs up or whatever. The trouble is she soon realised what I was doing and she started to ask me complicated questions that were too hard to answer that way. I even wrote one down on a piece of paper! A big wave as she went out the door to work. It was a good bit of fun 😂

Then off I went to work too. I just stayed on and worked one hour longer today. That was a bit more manageable.

5 myths about organ donation I do hope that all of you that read my blog have decided to become organ donors and, most importantly, have told your families about your wishes. And of course have got all of them to sign up too, along with your friends and anyone else you may know. If any of them have any doubts, then maybe if you talk to them about these myths in more detail, it might help to put their minds at ease a little bit more. Please do all that you can to help to get more people signed on to the organ donor register. You never know, one day you might need a donated organ yourself 😏

On Thursday I was feeling very stressed. Despite my mood I made myself stay at home for the whole day, no Caffe Nero coffee break for me today, and I made sure that I got on with the various jobs I had set myself to do. I even fitted our new loo seat 🚽 !!!

Robyn bought me a Fitbit for my birthday this year 🙂 I soon discovered there was a fault with it as I had to keep charging it up all the time, when the charge is supposed to last for about a week. So I got in touch with the Fitbit people and they agreed to send me a replacement. I can make much better use of it now I don’t have to keep taking it off all the time to charge it.

Anyway, the point of me telling you all about that is because while I was just in my house going about my jobs I took 3,964 steps, climbed 27 floors (that’s from going up and down my stairs all the time, there are two flights of stairs in my house) and walked in total 1.66 miles.

After my usual Thursday evening walk I looked at my Fitbit again and I had done 10,306 steps and 4.31 miles! Just a bit of useless information there for you!!!

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