Tasty pasta


Monday 11th to Tuesday 12th April

When Robyn got back from her gym and yoga sessions we couldnt really decide on what we wanted to do for the afternoon. We had no appointments to go to and no particular shopping that we needed. So in the end we just drove into Banbury and went and sat on a lovely comfy sofa in Costa for a while, so I could do a bit of blogging and Robyn did a bit of her writing. I like spending my afternoons that way! Then we just wandered around a few shops there and came back home.

Here’s another successful Valerie story for you to read. But this Valerie has had her transplanted kidney for 38 years! Big congratulations to her. Let’s hope my liver lasts for that long. But that would make me 86 years old. Imagine that! Not sure I’m going to make that, I don’t think my poor old body will be up to it, it finds it hard to cope with things now!!!

Tuesday was another day when I stayed on at work and did overtime. Why does it make me feel so much more tired? Because when I finish at my normal time it’s not like I go home and do nothing. I do normally get myself a cup of tea and have a bit of a sit down but I soon get back up again and start doing things! Is it the constant concentration do you think?

I did make myself finish at 4.00pm instead of 5.00pm though this time so that I wasn’t dead on my feet and could still go out for a meal with some ladies from work for one of their birthdays. I had a lovely pasta dish, similar to a carbonara. Tasty.

I came across this short video for you to watch, what 200 calories looks like in different foods (my pasta would have been way over this amount with the lovely sauce it had but was definitely worth it). I found the video quite interesting and is a good way of showing the comparisons. All that celery!!  I think I would still prefer to have that smaller chunk of a Snickers bar though 😉

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