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Thank you QEHB


Monday 12th March

I wasn’t really looking forward to driving to Birmingham for my clinic appointment. I go on my own now but it’s not the best. I don’t know how to explain it really, it just feels a bit weird being alone there 🤯

This happened while I was there today.

This was the money which I managed to raise from my very kind sponsors for my #walk1000miles challenge. So in case you haven’t heard I walked 1043 miles in the end and as you can see raised £1,305 which is going to be split between the Liver Unit and Critical Care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Just a little thank you from me for all the care that I received while there ❤

(I am continuing to #walk1000miles this year, but just for fun, exercise, to get out into the fresh air and stress relief! And to give me time to think up what my next challenge could be …)

Time for my appointment. My results from last time were okay I think. I saw a different doctor this time but still one I have seen many times before. He always asks me how things are going. I told him that I felt a bit fed up at times and that always being in some kind of pain from either my hip or my toe was pretty miserable.

I told him about the twinges that I sometimes have now around my liver area and that I have been itching, just in case any of it was relevant. He didn’t seem to be too bothered, maybe because my liver results are not bad at the moment. Although he is arranging for an ultrasound at my next clinic appointment.

I gave my letter to the co-ordinator for them to pass on to my second donor family. I would love to hear back from them 🤞

Just lately my appointment seems to be getting later and later in the afternoon. Everyone else had gone by the time I came out of seeing the doctor and the nurse was waiting for me as I still needed to have my blood taken.

A late appointment also means traffic on the road for the way home. My car is not the most comfortable of places to be for a reasonably long car journey. My hip certainly didn’t like the sitting and the driving! 😖

I realise this story is a few years old now but it has just come to my attention! This man has survived for 40 years after his liver transplant surgery. If I am able to do the same I think this means that I would live at least until I am 88! Hmmm 🤔👵🤞

Happy Mother’s Day 💐


Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th March

A trip to the rubbish tip on Saturday and a trip for afternoon tea on Sunday! (Mother’s Day).


Then we went for a nice walk along by the river in Stratford upon Avon to work a few of the calories off 🚶‍♀️ Fancy having a sit on the bench for a while? 🤣

What’s she up to?

No blood 💉


Monday 5th to Friday 9th March

I took Robyn for her yearly kidney check up appointment early on Monday morning. What a time that turned out to be! It was all going reasonably well, apart from the fact that neither of us was in the mood to sit waiting. I was SO uncomfortable, my hip was really hurting 😖 and Robyn just really didn’t want to be there!

We finally saw the consultant and then after another fidgety wait Robyn was finally called in to have her blood taken. We had seen the posters in the waiting room and had thought what a good idea this was, knowing from experience in a slightly different matter just how hard it was for nurses to take blood from me when my veins had already been used so many times.

So she told the nurse to take the blood from her hand, it was very painful and the blood would not come out! So in the arm it had to be anyway.

Then Robyn decided to almost pass out! She was as white as a ghost. She was looking at me but there was just nothing in her eyes. Her blood pressure had dropped very low. A doctor had to come and check her over and she had to go to a bed in a side ward for a lie down and to recover. Then the doctor came back and still wanted to take the rest of the blood that they couldn’t get before! Thankfully he was much more successful.

Robyn was also due back at work and had clients booked in, so I had to ring and get hold of her boss and explain the situation.

Robyn started to feel better and we were allowed to go home. She then went off to work, much later than she was expected to, and I walked straight down to Nero’s to meet my brother-in-law John (the Christmas cake maker!) for a coffee, and then my sister joined us when she had finished at the doctors!

In the evening my cold started. As suddenly as that!

You could say that work on Tuesday was rather difficult to get through. I had a non stop runny nose, there was lots of sneezing and watery eyes. Every item of shopping I had to pick up and put through the till felt very heavy! I just didn’t feel well at all. At one point my eyes went very funny, it was kind of like I was looking through patchy clouds, I couldn’t see what I was doing, so I managed to be allowed off my checkout and just stood doing nothing for a few minutes. Thankfully they cleared a little. I was very glad to get home.

I didn’t feel too brilliant for the rest of the week. As well as the cold, I also had my Shingles virus to deal with, which makes you feel unwell enough on its own. Both my hip and toe were hurting as well.

On Wednesday I had my appointment to go for an X-ray on my hip. I know the radiographer from when I used to work at the hospital quite a few years ago now, she showed me the xray on her screen which was quite fun to see! She told me that she thought it looked okay but it has to be looked at by a doctor for the official results.

A little walk with Robyn. Do you remember the snowdrift?

I wasn’t well enough to volunteer, but I went out for our Thursday evening walk, though I didn’t really feel like it and I probably shouldn’t have 😏

I spent Friday afternoon with a coffee in Nero’s and I wrote another letter to my second donor’s family 💙

Lotsa snow!


Wednesday 28th February to Sunday 4th March

Happy 50th Birthday to my friend Jackie 💐

She was actually born a leap year baby, and during all the years I have known her she never seems to be quite sure herself whether to celebrate her birthday on the 28th February or the 1st March. So I think she does a bit of both!

What a difference in the weather! Last week I had some nice walks in the sometimes ‘reasonably warm’ sunshine. Now it was absolutely bitterly cold thanks to the Beast from the East and Storm Emma.

Work was just unbearable. I even made myself a coffee in my break and took it back to my till with me in a disposable cup (which we are not really allowed to do) because I needed to drink something hot, there was no way that I could just drink the cold water in my bottle that I normally have.

One of my customers even felt so sorry for me that they actually bought me some gloves to put on. The only problem being that they had fingers in so I could not operate my till with them on. But it was a very kind thought.

Leah had taken a mattress topper off her bed a while ago. I had finally arranged to give this to a lady I knew to take in to the homeless shelter where she volunteers. She came into the shop to tell me that someone had taken it immediately 🙂 I really don’t know how these homeless people are surviving in this bitterly cold weather so I felt really pleased that I was able to help someone just a tiny bit.

I had an appointment with Dr Fisher early on Thursday morning. He confirmed that he thought the problem was indeed my hip. He suspects it might be trochanteric bursitis! So I need to have an X-ray to check out the bones, an ultrasound and arrange for some physio to help strengthen the hip to try and avoid the need for a hip replacement! I’m not sure I can face one of those at the moment ☹️

I also mentioned while I was there about my big toe being much worse now and he said he would refer me to podiatry to see if they can maybe recommend something that would go in my shoe to take the pressure off the joint when I’m walking.

My poor body! 😖 I don’t really like getting older that much, everything hurts!

As it was snowing on and off and forecast to get heavier from about 3pm I decided to walk about town and do a ‘snow report’ for my family to keep them updated with how the roads were into Chippy as they had gone to work in Banbury, Charlbury and Witney and wanted to know when to leave for home so they didn’t get stuck! A good job they didn’t need to get up Gary’s road!

Friday morning, and yes we had got all the predicted snowfall. But I hadn’t slept last night, the itching on my legs that I have been suffering with had become so bad that it just kept me awake. I simply couldn’t face another night like it, so I decided to trudge through all the snow up to the doctors’ surgery to get some help! It was a bit of an eerie walk, because it was early and because of the snow there were no cars around and hardly any people. The wind was strong and bitterly cold. But I made it! I think there were only 2 doctors that had made it in at that time and luckily not too many patients, so I was able to be seen.

The doctor thought that my histamines might have gone out of control!

(What are histamines? They’re chemicals your immune system makes. Histamines act like bouncers at a club. They help your body get rid of something that’s bothering you. Histamines start the process to get those allergens out of your body or off your skin. They can make you sneeze or itch, whatever it takes to get the job done. They are part of your body’s defense system).

So I was prescribed with some antihistamine tablets to calm them down again and some cream to help soothe the itching. What a relief!

And then after that all I seemed to do is walk about in the snow rather a lot! Both on my own and with Gary and my family.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, while the snow was really bad, I walked 17 miles 🚶‍♀️

One of the Friday afternoon walks was a real challenge. We took off across some fields and it was just so bleak. The wind was blowing, it was so extremely cold, it started to snow heavily again and the snow was already so deep in places and therefore very hard to walk in. I was actually quite exhausted and aching when I finally stopped walking for the day.

And then on Sunday, when we could actually get out in the car again, we went for a little drive about.

I’ve had ‘fun’ but you can go away now snow 👋



10 Fun Facts

1. You can’t see your ears without a mirror.

2. You can’t count your hair.

3. You can’t breathe through your nose with your tongue out.

4. You just tried number 3.

6. When you did number 3 you realised that it is possible, only you look like a dog.

7. You are smiling right now, because you were fooled.

8. You skipped number 5.

9. You just checked to see what was number 5.

10. Share this with your friends so they can have some fun too 😆

Have a fantastic day!!! 😃

3 years …


Monday 19th to Tuesday 27th February

A visit to physio. I had missed a previous appointment in January and by now my calf muscle seemed to have completely recovered. Isn’t it quite amazing what the human body can do? Despite everything else that seems to be wrong in my body, my calf muscle was now better, with no medication and just some very painful massage from a very good physiotherapist. How does that happen?! So I was just checked out to see how I was now walking, what bends and stretches I could do and now I don’t need to go back any more. Yay 😀

Some time off work, which among other things was spent spring cleaning the bathroom, going for some nice walks in the very pleasant sunshine and attending my uncle’s funeral.

I had a bit of a near miss with a car while I was out for one of my walks! I had just crossed over the road by the car park to the nearby Aldi supermarket, and just carried on walking along the path as normal, then I suddenly heard behind me a skidding noise and then a big crash, a car had just gone out of control and crashed into the wall, in the exact spot where I had just been. The driver was okay and there were no passengers, so thankfully no one got hurt, but my legs were a bit wobbly for a while afterwards when I thought how lucky I had been again. If the timings had been different by about 1 minute I would have been rather squashed I think 😏

There was an impromptu trip to Bourton on the Water on Sunday afternoon for lunch and a little walk around. Oh why didn’t one of them push her in? 🤪

Within this time I’ve had my 3 year anniversaries! Who would have thought it?

The 22nd was the date of my first transplant. After volunteering I took myself off for a walk and I found myself a new park to walk in. It was a lovely, quite warm, sunny afternoon. I watched the squirrels searching for food and I watched the dogs running after their balls and then chasing the squirrels!

What a complete difference to how I was spending the afternoon. Three years ago I was led in a bed in Critical Care 😖 On this afternoon I was able to just wander around in a lovely park enjoying the simple things in the fresh air and warm sunshine. And all thanks to my hero organ donors and their families 😍

I went out for a glass of rose wine 🍷 with Robyn in the evening to celebrate.

The 27th was the date of my second transplant. I spent the day at work, chatting with my customers. Quite a few of them know all about my journey and are always interested for the latest news!

I went out for a curry 🍛 with Leah in the evening to celebrate.

And now for my latest health issue! 😣 I have a terrible pain, either in my hip or lower back. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt when I walk, but other certain movements and especially sitting down, is extremely painful. I think a visit to the doctor is needed!

An important day


What did you do on International Women’s Day? Anything like this?!

The day is held annually on 8th March, to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is even a public holiday in some countries.

Apparently Google searches for “International Men’s Day” are higher on International Women’s Day than they are on International Men’s Day itself! (The spikes are in March of each year).

So for those of you that are wondering, International Men’s Day is all about promoting awareness of male health, discrimination and gender relations and is celebrated on 19th November each year.

It’s also World Kidney Day today.

So look after your kidneys everyone!

Another important day in our house as both of my daughters have Polycystic Kidney Disease 😖

It’s my birthday! 🎁🎂


Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th February

My birthday weekend was a bit difficult at times ☹️

On Saturday morning I did enjoy helping to clear up the stones from Gary’s garden. (Remember that his wall had fallen down and some of it had hit my car?)

Then there was a Saturday evening bus ride to Oxford with some of the family and a meal out in Cosmo’s, one of those eat as much as you like restaurants with a range of dishes from all over the world. They certainly made their money out of me! as I didn’t have very much to eat, but what I did have was very nice 😋

We popped in to a couple of places for a drink afterwards, one being in The Varsity Club on their rooftop terrace. It was very cold! Thank goodness blankets were provided 🤣

On Sunday morning Robyn made me a nice cup of tea and then made me bacon sandwiches for my birthday breakfast.

In the afternoon there was a walk in Batsford Arboretum, 56 acres of wild gardens, paths and streams.

Back to Julie’s house for presents, tea and birthday cake and a visit from Lucie and Joey 👶 so a little cuddle which cheered me up a tiny bit.

Have a look at what’s inside this red storage container. Great isn’t it? As much as I love it I really couldn’t live in it. There’s just not enough room for all of my junk 🙄