3 years …


Monday 19th to Tuesday 27th February

A visit to physio. I had missed a previous appointment in January and by now my calf muscle seemed to have completely recovered. Isn’t it quite amazing what the human body can do? Despite everything else that seems to be wrong in my body, my calf muscle was now better, with no medication and just some very painful massage from a very good physiotherapist. How does that happen?! So I was just checked out to see how I was now walking, what bends and stretches I could do and now I don’t need to go back any more. Yay 😀

Some time off work, which among other things was spent spring cleaning the bathroom, going for some nice walks in the very pleasant sunshine and attending my uncle’s funeral.

I had a bit of a near miss with a car while I was out for one of my walks! I had just crossed over the road by the car park to the nearby Aldi supermarket, and just carried on walking along the path as normal, then I suddenly heard behind me a skidding noise and then a big crash, a car had just gone out of control and crashed into the wall, in the exact spot where I had just been. The driver was okay and there were no passengers, so thankfully no one got hurt, but my legs were a bit wobbly for a while afterwards when I thought how lucky I had been again. If the timings had been different by about 1 minute I would have been rather squashed I think 😏

There was an impromptu trip to Bourton on the Water on Sunday afternoon for lunch and a little walk around. Oh why didn’t one of them push her in? 🤪

Within this time I’ve had my 3 year anniversaries! Who would have thought it?

The 22nd was the date of my first transplant. After volunteering I took myself off for a walk and I found myself a new park to walk in. It was a lovely, quite warm, sunny afternoon. I watched the squirrels searching for food and I watched the dogs running after their balls and then chasing the squirrels!

What a complete difference to how I was spending the afternoon. Three years ago I was led in a bed in Critical Care 😖 On this afternoon I was able to just wander around in a lovely park enjoying the simple things in the fresh air and warm sunshine. And all thanks to my hero organ donors and their families 😍

I went out for a glass of rose wine 🍷 with Robyn in the evening to celebrate.

The 27th was the date of my second transplant. I spent the day at work, chatting with my customers. Quite a few of them know all about my journey and are always interested for the latest news!

I went out for a curry 🍛 with Leah in the evening to celebrate.

And now for my latest health issue! 😣 I have a terrible pain, either in my hip or lower back. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt when I walk, but other certain movements and especially sitting down, is extremely painful. I think a visit to the doctor is needed!

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