Another hospital bed


Monday 11th to Friday 15th September

Walking and working is how I spent my week! I had unexpectedly ended up walking 5 miles on Monday while out with Robyn so had developed sore feet from having the wrong shoes and socks on. My big toe was also now hurting SO badly again. The rest of the week’s walking hurt, my poor feet 😩

Then on Thursday I found myself in this situation again –

but thankfully it was just a day visit. Time to have a hysteroscopy, biopsy and coil fitted. This was to see how my womb was looking, to take a sample to check there were no nasty changes in the cells and to hopefully sort out the heavy bleeding problem.

I had decided to be brave and just have a local anaesthetic for the procedures. But I was so scared beforehand. It was an even scarier moment for me when I was wheeled into the little room before the operating theatre, and then the doors opened … 😱 I remember that I kept telling myself to just keep calm and that I could do this. I think it was bringing back many memories from February 2015.

Once I was in there and the theatre staff and doctors started talking to me it became very slightly easier. They were so good and explained everything to me as it was happening. I even watched the camera on the screen. But I was glad when it was all over and nothing appeared to have gone wrong this time.

I was at work at 8.00am the next morning, which I guess wasn’t really the best idea. I really didn’t feel too great and when I got home I just spent the rest of the afternoon asleep 😴 

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