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⚽️ and 🍫


Thursday 24th to Tuesday 29th January

Going to volunteer at the hospital, going to work, staying to work overtime, such busy chaotic days in the supermarket. All so much more of an effort to get my body to do all of this while the weather is so cold! I really just want to be doing this –

I look forward to the times at the weekend when I can just sit and watch the football with some giant chocolate buttons and also be treated to homemade chicken and chips πŸ˜‹

I don’t look forward to the times when I have to try and sort out a new deal for our gas and electric! Blows my mind 🀯



Monday 14th to Wednesday 23rd January

Time for a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for my clinic appointment.

A different view of the atrium maybe, taken from the restaurant on Level 2.

I was scared for my appointment so treated myself to a coffee and some picture taking to distract myself 😏

Primary Biliary Cholangitis, why do you have to come back? I really don’t like you very much πŸ˜–

No anti-rejection drugs – I think my kidneys would definitely thank me for this. On reading the article it sounds as if it’s too late for me! but would be great news for future transplant patients.

When you meet up with your family for a relaxing Sunday morning in CaffΓ¨ Nero …



Monday 7th to Sunday 13th January

The annoying cough continued.

Chocolate is BETTER than cough syrup πŸ«

I would have thought that I eat enough chocolate to cure it but obviously not!

On Friday morning I had a bit of a job to wake up when my alarm went off. I didn’t feel very well at all. When I got to work everyone I saw seemed to be telling me how awful I looked and how pale I looked! Not the best thing to hear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ But I really did feel quite unwell πŸ€’

And so that was my weekend too unfortunately. Spent feeling ill.

The only way I can describe it was that it felt kind of like flu (but not the flu that some people say when they have a bad cold). My head hurt, I had this cough, at times I felt a bit nauseous, I felt like someone had injected something into my veins and I could feel it slowly moving round my body making it feel very heavy deep inside, my body just did not want to move.

I guess it was just some strange virus. Horrible though ☹️

There was one thing that I did enjoy, it was just sitting and watching the Sunday afternoon football, Tottenham 0 – Manchester United 1 βš½οΈπŸ˜€



Tuesday 1st to Sunday 6th January

I spent the first few days of 2019 just wanting to sleep! 😴 Obviously a bit difficult to do while I was at work, but when I did sit down I seemed to keep having a little unexpected nap on the sofa in the evenings and then wake up and go to bed!

And then I got a cough and just didn’t feel quite 100%

Nothing that I should be complaining about really though.

Because as at 3rd January, 6,096 people in the United Kingdom were waiting for a suitable organ to become available.

About this time 4 years ago I was one of those numbers on that list.

I was one of those people feeling SO very ill.

I think this pic of me sums up very well just how bad I was feeling 😏

Goodness me, when I think back to how I was 😫

I have been so very lucky.

And all thanks to two very special people πŸ’—πŸ’™ who both wanted to be an organ donor, and also their families for agreeing to carry out their wishes.

Because of them I am still able to spend time with (and annoy!) my family and on Sunday afternoon we went for a nice walk in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. We spent a few minutes watching the ducks πŸ¦†!

It’s so nice to just enjoy the simple things when you can πŸ™‚



Happy New Year 🍾 (as usual I’m late 🀯 but – better late than never!)

It’s 2019 – wow 😲

I wish you 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, 8760 hours of joy, 525600 minutes of good luck and 31536000 seconds of happiness.



Saturday 1st to Monday 31st December

Hello! I’m back! I survived the dreaded month of December, well just about πŸ˜–

Christmas just seems to take over my life, which I’m not really happy about.

So many shopping trips wondering what on earth to buy people, sometimes being more successful than others. The endless wrapping of presents, sorting my junk out and tidying up a bit for visitors, trying to work out what food and drink we need to buy! All while working in an already busy supermarket, which just turns into a chaotic and extremely busy supermarket at this time of year. And also while feeling pretty rubbish thanks to the delightful Shingles related virus that I seem to be living with pretty much constantly at the minute ☹️

As if that wasn’t enough to cope with, it seems that this December also decided to throw some extra things my way.

The ‘ceiling’ of our very old microwave was starting to flake off into the food when it was being used. I didn’t realise there were so many decisions to make when choosing a new one, I finally made my mind up and picked a new one and bought it on the first weekend of the month.

On the morning of the following Tuesday, the kettle suddenly decided to just stop working. So after work and before going home that day I popped into the local department store and bought us a new one, half price in their sale πŸ‘

Then when I was out for my Thursday evening walk, I got a message saying that nothing in the fridge was cold and that the whole freezer had defrosted. The light was still coming on when we opened the door and it was still making the ‘running’ noise as usual, so there was no sign of anything being wrong with it. So a nice clearing up job for me and then a sudden realisation that if I didn’t get myself around to buying a new one soon then we probably wouldn’t get it delivered in time for Christmas. So the following week there was an extra trip to the shops after work one day, which I really could have done without. Then of course there wasn’t much choice of the delivery slots so I had to arrange to go into work later one day and then obviously stay later to make up my time 😩 Anyway, it was good to have a nice new working fridge/freezer again and to be guaranteed that you could have milk in your tea first thing in the morning, it hadn’t suddenly gone off from not being kept cold enough.

Surely that would be it now?

Sadly no. The very next evening after the fridge was delivered, at 10.15pm, the washing machine decided that it couldn’t finish the programme it was doing properly and left a whole load of water in the machine. I asked Leah to help me investigate the problem so instead of being able to relax in bed ready for work the next day, she was scooping all the water out from the machine! According to the instruction leaflet it looked like the filter could be blocked. But each time we tried to open the filter compartment water still came flooding out all over the floor (we had lots of soggy towels from mopping it up) so we just did it back up quickly, not knowing how much would come out or if it would ever stop! Not what we wanted to be doing at that time in the evening. After asking Gary what to do the next day, it turned out that we had no other choice but to just let that water out to clear the blockage (more soggy towels) and then the filter could come out and be cleaned. It seems to be working again for the moment but Robyn did mention the other day that there still seems to be a bit of a leak …

Then Christmas arrived, which brings its own problems!, but we did have some nice fun times and I was very spoilt as always with my presents 🎁

And then it was the end of the year.

Goodbye December πŸ‘‹ You have been tough! I have been stressed and just completely exhausted all the way through 😴