Monday 7th to Sunday 13th January

The annoying cough continued.

Chocolate is BETTER than cough syrup đŸĢ

I would have thought that I eat enough chocolate to cure it but obviously not!

On Friday morning I had a bit of a job to wake up when my alarm went off. I didn’t feel very well at all. When I got to work everyone I saw seemed to be telling me how awful I looked and how pale I looked! Not the best thing to hear 😂😏 But I really did feel quite unwell 🤒

And so that was my weekend too unfortunately. Spent feeling ill.

The only way I can describe it was that it felt kind of like flu (but not the flu that some people say when they have a bad cold). My head hurt, I had this cough, at times I felt a bit nauseous, I felt like someone had injected something into my veins and I could feel it slowly moving round my body making it feel very heavy deep inside, my body just did not want to move.

I guess it was just some strange virus. Horrible though ☚ī¸

There was one thing that I did enjoy, it was just sitting and watching the Sunday afternoon football, Tottenham 0 – Manchester United 1 âšŊī¸đŸ˜€

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