Rowing boats


Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd January

I went shopping with Leah on Saturday. When on earth did that last happen?!

The dreaded food shopping, but Leah also needed to get some new glasses so I went along to try and help her decide on the frames. Of course I had to have a little ‘try on’ too πŸ˜‚

Sunday was a lovely sunny, but very cold, day.

Gary drove us into Oxford in the afternoon, we parked up, I set my tracker going and we set off walking. We went through Christ Church Meadow and down to the River Thames. The rowers were out in force! I don’t know if there was a race going on or whether Sunday is just a normal practice day, but the teams from the various Universities were all in their boats rowing on the Thames. So we stood and watched them for a while, quite fascinating, then we turned around and carried on walking alongside the river, eventually winding our way back through the streets of Oxford. A very enjoyable 4 mile walk πŸ‘£

Hope you like my pictures!

Have a look at this story. Colleagues of a man waiting for a heart transplant have stripped off to promote organ donation πŸ˜‚ Great idea! I hope Michael gets a telephone call real soon.

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