Gary the gardener 


Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd April

On Saturday I just went into Banbury with Gary and did a bit of shopping and then later paid a visit to my sister. I was feeling a bit peckish so Hannah made me a really nice ham and cheese sandwich. I did enjoy it. But then the others decided they were going to the local takeaway and all had fish and chips! And that’s how nice they are to me 😂

This article Napping is good and does make a lot of sense. Shame I just dont allow myself the time to do this 😏

Sunday was a nice day so Gary decided he would come down to my house and do a few jobs in the garden. Lucky me!!!

There’s not much grass left on my lawn. As we had to wait so long for the slabs to be moved to make a path, it killed the grass off underneath them. It’s also so uneven that cutting the grass with a lawnmower is a bit of a nightmare. So Gary filled the holes in and levelled it all out a bit and has put some grass seed down. It looks so much better already. Now to just wait for the grass to grow 🤔

Then out comes the power washer and the patio gets a good spraying. What a difference that makes!

So now we just need a bit of warm sunshine so I can get my table and chairs out! 😃

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