Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th April

Happy Birthday to Gary.

Robyn was busy doing other things on her day off today so I had a day at home.

Here is a good news Transplant story. I could quite possibly be writing about a similar story myself in a good few years time. The family concerned all were suffering with Polycystic Kidney Disease which is the same illness that my daughter Robyn has, which she has inherited from her dad. He was lucky enough to have a kidney transplant in 2011 with a kidney donated from his brother. Quite a few different members of his family have also had transplants as a result of PKD. As it says in the article there is a 50/50 chance with each child of passing the illness on. Robyn found out accidentally from an emergency scan as a result of a bad car crash she had, but Leah hasn’t had any of the tests yet to see if she has got it, as the doctors we have seen about it don’t really recommend you do this until you are in your thirties. So WE wait and see – but what a great result for this dad and his daughters 😀

On Tuesday I had been asked if I could stay on later at work as there was an important visit in the afternoon. So I agreed to stay until 5pm, an extra three hours! I really didn’t know what this was going to work out like but I wanted to give it a try and see how I felt afterwards.

It was a real struggle actually. By the time I had finished, then got some bits of shopping and carried it home, I was exhausted. I couldn’t do much else for the rest of the evening.

Then I was back at work on Wednesday morning, feeling rather tired and not quite myself. I was asked if I could stay a bit later again but I had to refuse this time. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. And this made me feel even more rubbish in itself. I was very sad and frustrated with myself that I couldn’t do it. I guess this shows that I still have limits of things I can and cannot do without suffering, but I am trying my best. Even if I don’t succeed, I guess as long as I keep trying, I should be happy with that. I know I am stubborn and too hard on myself sometimes 😏

I came across this great article on Celebrities who have had transplants. Have you ever thought about that before? Do you imagine that they have their own separate list or just automatically go straight to the top of the super urgent list? Do they use their money in some way to help to get them what they need quicker than the rest of us? And thinking about it even further, what would happen if a member of the royal family needed an organ? Has this got you wondering now too? I know I have said before that the whole ethics side of organ donation interests me, I find it completely fascinating.

Going back to the article, if you also look along the bar at the top you will see there are lots of various illnesses that you can click on to find the list of celebrities who have suffered with them. A lot of people like to keep up with celebrities in the news don’t they and see what they are wearing and what they are getting up too. Well this makes for interesting reading about them too, but in a slightly different way!

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