Thursday 7th to Friday 8th April

Thursday and Friday were days that were spent with me still being extra tired to normal (as people who suffer with PBC will know, I am constantly fighting the tiredness battle, just sometimes much worse than others :/ ) and still at times being on a bit of a different planet with my state of mind 😖

So Thursday, my day off, was spent at home. I did take myself along to Caffe Nero to break up the day and get out for a while and went for my regular Thursday evening walk.

The Donor Family Network ‘Gift of Life’ memorial was also unveiled today by HRH Duke of Gloucester at the National Memorial Arboretum in Shropshire. It pays tribute to organ and tissue donors across the UK.


Friday was back to work again. 

As I had already prepared the chicken and veg on Thursday evening to go in our slow cooker, we had a curry waiting for us for dinner tonight.

Not a patch on Gary’s ‘curry Saturday’ creations but it was still quite tasty 😋

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