A blister


Sunday 4th to Saturday 31st August

I’ve just been plodding my way through August.

I’m just SO tired all the time, even when I first wake up in the morning 😴

Some days when I get back from work I’ve even been letting myself have half an hour’s nap in an attempt to feel slightly better for the evening.

Every single thing is so much harder to get through and so much more of an effort to do when you’re feeling so tired all the time. It really does my head in. There is so many things that I want to do …

I think I had one of the little viruses that I seem to get from time to time as I didn’t feel too good for a few days. I was determined that I would still get myself to The Big Feastival though to see Lewis Capaldi however bad I felt!

We had a really good weekend there. The weather was just SO hot.

We were right down at the front for Lewis, we were amongst the crowd raving to Grandmaster Flash, I loved that. Jess Glynne was good too. Then there was Elbow. I still love watching Alex James doing the late night dj set with his son Geronimo and the silent disco is such good fun 💃

I had a good time 😃

And then August ended for me with a big blister!

I went for my regular skin check appointment at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. I have this because of the immunosuppressive medication that I need to take. I am at a higher risk of getting skin cancer.

They first found solar keratoses (which are rough patches of skin caused by damage from years of sun exposure) on my arm a couple of years ago now I think.

‘They aren’t usually a serious problem and can go away on their own, but it’s important to get them checked as there’s a chance they might turn into skin cancer at some point.’

Because mine didn’t seem to have gone away I unexpectedly ended up having cryotherapy – ‘the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue’

And as a result my arm soon ended up looking like this!


Apart from a sore arm I did enjoy my hospital appointment for once. And this is because I saw my dad’s younger brother there, who I haven’t seen for a couple of years. It made me feel very sad because my dad is no longer with us (nor my mum and I miss them both so much 😰) But it also made me feel happy while we were remembering all the family and it made my day to see him 🙂

So this is Dennis, age 90, the only surviving member out of the nine brothers and sisters 😍

And that was August over with really.

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