Thank you QEHB


Monday 12th March

I wasn’t really looking forward to driving to Birmingham for my clinic appointment. I go on my own now but it’s not the best. I don’t know how to explain it really, it just feels a bit weird being alone there 🤯

This happened while I was there today.

This was the money which I managed to raise from my very kind sponsors for my #walk1000miles challenge. So in case you haven’t heard I walked 1043 miles in the end and as you can see raised £1,305 which is going to be split between the Liver Unit and Critical Care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Just a little thank you from me for all the care that I received while there ❤

(I am continuing to #walk1000miles this year, but just for fun, exercise, to get out into the fresh air and stress relief! And to give me time to think up what my next challenge could be …)

Time for my appointment. My results from last time were okay I think. I saw a different doctor this time but still one I have seen many times before. He always asks me how things are going. I told him that I felt a bit fed up at times and that always being in some kind of pain from either my hip or my toe was pretty miserable.

I told him about the twinges that I sometimes have now around my liver area and that I have been itching, just in case any of it was relevant. He didn’t seem to be too bothered, maybe because my liver results are not bad at the moment. Although he is arranging for an ultrasound at my next clinic appointment.

I gave my letter to the co-ordinator for them to pass on to my second donor family. I would love to hear back from them 🤞

Just lately my appointment seems to be getting later and later in the afternoon. Everyone else had gone by the time I came out of seeing the doctor and the nurse was waiting for me as I still needed to have my blood taken.

A late appointment also means traffic on the road for the way home. My car is not the most comfortable of places to be for a reasonably long car journey. My hip certainly didn’t like the sitting and the driving! 😖

I realise this story is a few years old now but it has just come to my attention! This man has survived for 40 years after his liver transplant surgery. If I am able to do the same I think this means that I would live at least until I am 88! Hmmm 🤔👵🤞

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