Radio 5 star!!


Friday 21st August

I had a lump and a bruise appear on my leg the other day and it was slightly swollen and a bit sore. I couldn’t remember knocking it anywhere. Of course, as soon as Robyn found this out I had to make a doctors appointment for later in the day to check there was no blood clot. All this ‘discussion’ happened before I had even got out of bed!

Then, before I had got my breakfast, I got a telephone call from the Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust! Would I like to do a radio interview this morning? Bit unexpected but yes that will be fine. He told me someone from the radio would ring me shortly to explain.

So I was going to be on Radio 5 Live and it was to talk about a study that has been done where they asked the public how much they think the NHS spends on a wide range of procedures and what the actual costs are, because most people are way out when they are asked. They then just picked two procedures to talk about on the radio. So they had asked me for the liver transplant operation and another lady who had a Caesarian, to justify how important it is to spend this kind of money on people to keep them healthy and alive.

I text all my family and even though they were at work they all seemed to manage to re-tune their radios and listen in! It was a bit scary but I think I did ok. I just had to talk about my illness, how long I have had it, and then what treatment I had before and after my transplants like scans and x-rays, clinic appointments, hospital stays, fluid drains and medication, which showed just what is involved and maybe why it costs so much. 

Members of the public said about £500 for a Caesarian, it’s actually £2,ooo. And they said £12,000 for a liver transplant, it’s actually £70,000. This did get me thinking. Blimey I’ve certainly cost the NHS a whole load of money. £140,000 straight away for just the two transplants, then everything else on top. Think of all those (must be) thousands of tablets that I have had over the years and all that delicious hospital food!! 🍲   Am I really worth all that money? :/

I had decided in my mind yesterday certain jobs I needed/wanted to do today and it was starting to look like I wasn’t going to be able to get them done because of the phone calls I was receiving, waiting for my radio appearance!! and I knew I was still having to get to my doctor’s appointment yet. This was annoying me as sometimes I find it hard dealing with things that change my plans.

One of the jobs I needed to do was to ring the Department of Work & Pensions. This is always difficult at the best of times, you have to press numbers, listen to music while on hold and normally still never get through! This time the number was unobtainable when I rang, so I had to find another number to ring. She told me that apparently they had now changed their number. When I rang the number that she told me I didn’t even get through to anyone, it was just continually engaged, so I found another freephone number this time and thought I would ring that to try and save some phone charges. He couldn’t help me. I was VERY fed up by this time, I gave the engaged number one more try with no success, so I had to leave it and went to catch my bus to the doctors’ surgery.

I didn’t have a blood clot anyway, at least that was good news.

I had to face making my phone call again though when I got back as my deadline to contact them by was today! :/  Thankfully this time I eventually got through. Now just the forms left to fill in 😦

One job done and I made myself do a couple more.

I was very stressed and very tired by the end of the day.

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