Long grass


Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th August

Saturday = eye test day šŸ‘€

Me and Gary went in to Specsavers in Banbury. Neither of us had been for an eye test for a LOT of years! Real bad that. So Gary ended up needing some glasses which he was quite chuffed about! It was fun choosing some and watching him trying them all on šŸ‘“

As for me, as always not straight forward. I have one eye that can see things close up perfectly and one eye that can see things far away perfectly. So I only EVER have one eye working at a time and have been like it for years. My eyes and my brain have obviously got used to this I guess. So I got to choose! I could have glasses but I would need to have two pairs and keep swapping them, or have bifocals which can take a lot of getting used to, or stay as I am. They will deteriorate as I get older (or grow up as the man put it!) but just the same as anyone else’s does. I decided to stay as I am, for now.

In the evening I had a bean burger! Not a very interesting bit of information I know, but I just wanted to give it a mention as I haven’t had one for such a long while and I really enjoyed it šŸ˜€

Sunday teatime we just went to watch a local band that I like in the Blue Boar. Met some friends in there too and had a bit of a chat.

On Monday I thought I had better have a bit of a tidy up because my landlady was coming round!! We have been waiting to have a new path laid in the back garden for rather a long time, the slabs have been left all the way up the garden on the edge of the grass making it hard to cut around and in between them, so now we have a bit of a vicious circle. The grass is too long making it difficult for anyone to want to start the job and if no one starts the job and the slabs don’t get moved its hard to cut the grass! It’s hard because I still have to wait for other people to help me with things like this at the minute. Hopefully a gardener is coming round next Monday. Stressful times šŸ˜¦

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