Rather wet


Tuesday 25th August

Up and out of the house by 8.15am! I was going to Brighton with Robyn 😃

We had booked a boutique style B&B.

We dumped our stuff in our room and went off to explore. We headed to The Lanes, an old area of Brighton with narrow streets and little independent shops. It was absolutely pouring down ☔️ We walked around them for a bit then went for something to eat to get out of the awful rain. We wandered about the more up to date shopping centre then decided to make our way back to the B&B. We were getting more and more soaked. My canvas shoes, Robyn’s suede boots were completely wet through. I then thought I should buy some shoes really as I hadn’t bought another pair with me that were suitable for the weather and there was no way mine were going to dry for a while. So we ended up walking back up the hill to the shops yet again! This time we WERE going back to the B&B. It was still pouring down but as we were already soaked we decided to walk back a different way along the seafront.

It was incredibly windy too down there. It was a battle to walk against the wind. Our umbrellas were no good now :/ We passed a few other people that were mad like us, but mainly it was deserted. The ice cream shacks and little shops were all shut up. It was like being at the seaside in the middle of November, not August!

The sea was SO rough.

My whole body was now starting to hurt. We had been walking all day, been carrying quite heavy shopping bags and battling the wind and rain. We  worked out we had walked over 3 miles. It was a mile from our B&B to the town, then another mile back again. Around the shops, up the long hill to the shopping centre, back down, then the same again because of my need to buy shoes! Crazy 😠

Me and Robyn both had our showers and put our pyjamas on!! And that was it. We had planned to go out for a drink in the evening but I could hardly walk, my feet, legs and my whole body was hurting. I had definitely done too much. And Robyn just couldn’t face going back out in the awful rain again.

So we just chilled, had a picnic in our room, watched some tv, did some blogging. Were we boring? Or just relaxing on our holiday? We couldn’t decide!!

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