Scary car park


Wednesday 26th August

Breakfast was being cooked for us this morning. We both decided on scrambled egg on toast.

My tummy had decided it was going to play up today. Hate being controlled by that. It upsets me.

Anyway, what were we going to do today? It was still raining šŸ˜

We found an undercover market, so thought we would pay that a visit. We were out in the car today as we didn’t fancy getting soaked to the skin again. We parked very easily in a multi storey car park, but soon found out why, we think. It was terrifying! There was a big automatic metal shutter gate on the entrance which immediately shut down behind you and one on the exit too, it felt like we were trapped in there. Then we couldn’t find the exit and had to drive round the car park a couple of times, it was starting to freak us out! Then when we got to the market it was supposed to have had over 50 stalls to browse but there were only a few open. Bit of a disappointment. Maybe it’s more of a weekend thing? So we went through this car park trauma for nothing!!  :/

We decided to just go back into town. But we drove round and round looking for a car park that wasn’t incredibly expensive for just 1 hour and then getting nowhere in the one way system. Robyn was getting more and more stressed. So we eventually decided to drive back and park outside our B&B and walk back in  to town again. Luckily the rain had eased a bit so we didn’t get quite so wet this time.

We went to Pizza Express for our dinner and then to the cinema to watch Bad Education, Jack Whitehall’s new film. I like him and it was good!!

When we eventually got back to our room Robyn seemed to have a bit of a problem with her hair šŸ˜Æ

hahaha šŸ˜†šŸ˜‚

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