Friday 18th to Sunday 20th December

Off to work Friday morning. Then later the first of three evenings out on the town! A band called The Various Artists were playing in the pub tonight. So we went along to have a watch. A very late night.

Then on Saturday it was get up and off for another visit to the shops to try and finish off the dreaded Christmas shopping. Then back to get ready quick for tonight’s entertainment! Another band playing, this time called Chaser. Another late night.

Sunday was spent trying to do a lot of jobs to get a bit organised, but in a short space of time as going out again to watch another band, this time it was The Average Wyatt band. A much earlier finish tonight!

Christmas songs being sang, a bit of dancing, getting into the spirit of things.

But amongst all this I discovered that my Shingles rash had returned. This is something that I have suffered with over the years and used to flare up every now and then. Very painful for a few days and feeling a bit unwell. The last time I had this was back in January, not long after I had just been put on the transplant list. So I had to come back off the list for two weeks until I had fully recovered! It did quite annoy me that I had got this back now as I thought it might have been another side effect of my illness and I wouldn’t be suffering with it anymore, but obviously not. Looks like I’m still going to get it 😦

Anyway a busy three days spent rushing about, stressed and completely exhausted with a hurting body. I’m determined to keep going though … 

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