Ferrero Rocher making


Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd December

So a final trip to Banbury today I hope. Today it was with Robyn and my sister Julie, as she had already finished work for Christmas. A couple of last minute things needed buying and then there was the joy of the food shopping to be done :/ We met my other sister for a bit as she was also in the town shopping, and we stopped for a cup of tea ☕️

Back to try and find a space for all that shopping and then more late night wrapping.

Up for work Tuesday morning. Not feeling particularly great due to my Shingles rash I think and I also have a cough. No cold or sore throat or anything to go with it, just a cough! 

Work was busy! This was my last shift before Christmas. Some of my poor colleagues only get actual Christmas Day off, as the shop reopens again on Boxing Day, but luckily for me it doesn’t fall on my day to work this year. I was glad when my shift was over. No time to rest at this time of year though. Many jobs were waiting for me when I got back home.

And this theme just continued on Wednesday.

Then when Leah got home from work she decided to have a go at making some sweets for Christmas. This recipe she found from Slimming World, which is the diet she is following (and doing brilliantly on 😀) Their version of Ferrero Rocher.



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