Christmas Eve


Thursday 24th December

Christmas Eve. How exciting, it was nearly Christmas. And I had managed it. With no help (well apart from that the kids did do the hoovering) I had done all my Christmas shopping, I had wrapped my presents myself, tidied the house and all the extra jobs that come with getting ready for Christmas. I was completely exhausted but a teeny tiny bit pleased with myself!

So as I had been busy all day yesterday and all evening, it meant I had a bit of time for ‘me’ today 😃

In the morning I got ready to go down to the cemetery with Robyn and Leah. They had both bought some things for Christmas to go on their nanny’s grave. We all miss her desperately. Was upsetting 😢

After, they went off to have their nails done 💅🏻 as a treat to themselves and then they were off to see their dad. So I had arranged to go to Caffe Nero to have a crafty mug of tea with my sister. I also had a toasted sandwich as I hadn’t eaten anything yet today (but don’t tell Robyn!!) 

Then off I went back to Gary’s house to wrap the last few presents that I had left there for his family. 

We went over to Charlbury to pop in and see Gary’s mum and dad and to have a cup of tea with them. And later when the kids had come back we popped into my sister’s for a little visit.

I lit a candle for my donors and their families. I really do hope that they are doing as well as can be expected. I know that this is such a tough time of year.


Quite simply, if it wasn’t for their brave decision at a very tough time for them, I wouldn’t still be here right now to enjoy tomorrow with my family.

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