More tea?


Sunday 3rd May

This morning it was arranged that me and Gary would meet my two sisters, 

– lovely, but mad –

and Hannah, for morning coffee in Cafe Nero which has just opened in Chippy. Turned out to be tea all round though! Some silly chatter went on for rather a long time and the cups kept being refilled. 

Then everyone started to get a bit hungry (and Hannah bored!) so we started to have very long discussions (inside and outside the cafe) about where to go next and if we were going to get anything to eat. Trying to please everybody NEVER works. Stressful 🙀

So we all ended up (after picking Emma up) at Wyatts garden centre because Lynda wanted some compost. Now the compost was either £6.99 per bag for one sort or three for £12 for another sort. Lynda didn’t want 3 bags but also didn’t want to pay £6.99 for 1 bag when she knew she could get three for £12. What was she going to do with THREE bags of compost she said. So she left it. She’s a crazy woman! Must be where I get it from … 

Anyway we did get some nice lunch there so it wasn’t too bad!!!

After that me, Gary and Emma went to Charlbury to see his mum and dad. It was decided to visit yet another garden centre where Emma’s boyfriend Jamie was working. So we all squashed into the car and off we went. More tea was drunk!

A nice day followed by a miserable evening. 

Add to that the fact that the tv isn’t working. I just sat in silence basically, did a lot of thinking, daydreamed and eventually went to bed.

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