Wednesday 1st to Monday 6th April

My morning tea delivery when I opened my bedroom door …

April Fools! Cheeky Robyn 🤪

Thursday 2nd April 2015 – finally I left the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham after having my two liver transplants. I was an inpatient there for 5 weeks and 5 days. I still remember those tough times 😖

I was still SO extremely weak when I came home. I could barely do a thing at first.

Thank goodness I’ve now got my strength back!!

It would be SO much harder to get through this long time apart from everyone if I wasn’t now able to get up and about and do things.

Happy Birthday to Gary 🍺🍬🍰

This weekend I started to pressure wash my garden.

Watch the video #stressrelief !

It definitely does give you a sense of satisfaction. As well as giving you a cold shower!

I kept getting distracted though …

I’m now saying thank you to the NHS for two things – for working SO hard in difficult conditions during these terrible times and also for saving my life 5 years ago 😍

And now our very own Prime Minister is unwell with Covid-19. Get well soon Boris 🤞

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