‘we can beat this’


Saturday 28th to Tuesday 31st March

Oh my goodness surely I’m not going to get into this cooking lark!

Happy Sunday 😋

There are going to be many tragic cases of people losing their lives to this horrible virus. But when their just doing their best to help others it seems even more unfair. Just recently an ear, nose and throat specialist and a transplant surgeon who had been volunteering in an A&E department. Imagine how many lives he has saved previously while carrying out his life-saving transplant operations. So sad 😞

I’ve had to fight to stay alive before and in comparison this is an easy thing that I have to do in order to stay alive. I just have to stay at home. Yes I’m still very upset about lots of different things and I have my worries about it all. And what will happen when the worst is over, there will be many changes in peoples’ lives 😖

I am going to try and make the most of the situation, after all I am lucky to still be here and to have this extra time to spend. I can’t be wasting this time.

To end on a brighter note read this good news story ‘we can beat this’

It gives all of us ‘at risk’ extremely vulnerable people some hope 🤞

And just because this made me smile …

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