Treasure Hunt


Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th September

Heard it was going to be a nice week weather wise! Warm and sunny. So that was it, time for jobs in the garden. Feeling a bit unwell or not, they had to be done.

I needed to transfer some things from my shed into my new garden storage chest. Then I could actually begin to move about a bit in my shed to sort things out and give it a sweep. I had old tiles to sort out so I could put them on Freecycle to try and clear them. I managed to see my neighbour and he came and took some of the wood from Jake’s old dog kennel and he also took the big wooden chairs I had been left with. I thought he might want them for firewood but I think he decided he was going to do a bit of work on them and then use them himself!

Jobs in the garden, washing on the line, along with other odd jobs in the house – a busy Monday.

I was then lucky enough to have my tea cooked for me by Jack (Leah’s boyfriend). Mince, mushrooms, pasta. Nice šŸ™‚

Good job as I was tired and aching.

Robyn had left me a note on my bed. She had done a sort of treasure hunt for me with things to do every day. Today I found Barney (her very precious cuddly toy that she has had since very young) and I have to cuddle him every night! 

Tuesday was pretty much spent the same way, mainly in the garden. I got to use the bargain strimmer! The grass was getting long again and I had been told they were coming to start the new path at the weekend. I managed to do a bit but I found it quite heavy and it was hurting my hands. Then raking up the grass and fiddling about with other things, I was starting to suffer. I guess my busy day yesterday didn’t help either. Annoying and frustrating, but I cracked on. When Gary had finished work he came down and finished off the strimming for me while I did some of the raking.

I also had to find some time to do some adult colouring now. That was what I found today from Robyn’s note. I have to finish my pattern before she gets home!

Tonight I watched Body Donors on the TV. Did you see it? It was following two people that are terminally ill and they had decided they wanted to donate their bodies when they died to medical science. It was very sad but also very interesting. I really think that I also want to do that now. I would like new surgeons to have the opportunity of practising on me. I think it’s very important they are offered that chance. It’s not like I haven’t had it done before is it! One way I can say thank you to the NHS for my three hero surgeons. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

More jobs in the garden on Wednesday. I carried a lot of the stuff that had just been left about to the end of the garden (some I just couldn’t lift on my own :/ ) which will hopefully make it easier when my sister comes with her car next week to do a tip run with me. Can’t wait for that, for some reason I love going to the tip and throwing my stuff into the various massive bins!!

I also got to have two treats today though. Robyn had left me some sweets in her bedroom and I was to sit and blog while enjoying them!

Then me and Gary went out for some food in the evening. We went to Bitter & Twisted. I had a flatbread, the topping was crispy potato, cherry tomatoes, haloumi cheese, red onion and Merguez sausages. Very very tasty.

Lucky me šŸ˜ƒ

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