Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd October

October 🍂 How did that happen?!

This is what I found under Robyn’s pillow today 😀

So it got to Thursday lunchtime and off I went. I had things to do in the town like going to the bank, buying a birthday card etc, so it fitted in quite nicely. I didn’t use your money though Robyn. I have a Cafe Nero loyalty card that I get stamped when I buy a drink from there, and I had earned myself a free one ☕ïļ How exciting!

Got home and into the garden I go. I think I sorted the rest of the wood from Jake’s dog kennel today. Some to my garden waste bin and the bigger bits in the pile for the tip. Oh and I moved a few flower tubs about and got some shovelfuls of dirt to put under them to level them up!

Then I cooked sausage and mash for me, Leah and Jack. Rather tasty actually!

Time for my walk. Ouch ouch ouch. It was painful. What is going on with my body? Is two walks in one day and jobs in the garden really just too much?

I couldn’t do Robyn’s challenge on Friday ðŸ˜Ķ The first one I’ve failed. It was to take our dog Jake out for a tiny walk (he’s quite old now and he really can’t go very far). But last night the kids’ dad had come to pick him up so he didn’t get in the way for the builder, as I had been told he was coming Saturday morning to start the garden path at long last. Though I did ring him and sent him a message to see what time he’s coming, I haven’t had any reply yet :/

I was meeting my friend Jackie this afternoon, so I walked into town again. (Hope that counts Robyn, half of us has done the walk today ðŸšķ)     We had a couple of mugs of tea each and a good natter!

Now for the weekend …

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