Cold shower


Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th October

Sat and did a bit of blogging this morning. A few jobs in the afternoon. A quiet Saturday until …

I got a text from my landlady saying she was coming round with her partner and the plumber. No notice given, just wanting to come straight round! Lucky I was in. And also Leah wanted a shower as she was going out in an hour. So after a heated phone call (not just about the unplanned visit) they turned up. Leah just wrapped in her towel! 😊 Then more cross words were had. I could write a book about what we’ve experienced since moving into their house, so I’m not going to bore you with it all. I have just had enough, and this afternoon turned out to be the time I decided to tell them! 😡 I’m not normally that sort of person, it has taken a lot for me to react in that way.

I was shaking when they finally all left and I felt a bit upset.

I went round to Gary’s and went straight for a shower as I was shivering from standing outside with my ‘visitors’ and I needed to try and settle myself. I got in but the water was cold and wasn’t even starting to get hotter. So back out I got, Gary had to flick a switch! and I had to wait 20 minutes for the water to warm up, still shivering. Was anything else going to go wrong this evening?

After a while I got my hot shower and Gary saved the day by making another one of his lovely curries. Chicken and cauliflower this time. Yummy!

Oh yeah, something else did go wrong didn’t it. I was sat watching the rugby, England v Australia. Say no more :/

Was glad to get to bed.

On Sunday I thought I had better do a bit of shopping as we had no food in the house and as Robyn was due back from holiday tomorrow, I knew she would be wanting her tonnes of fruit! 🍎🍌🍐🍊🍇 In fact the note she had left me today was to fill the fruit bowl with her favourite apples, as she was coming back home! The note she had left me for yesterday was a nice one for me though, I was allowed to choose an item of her clothing to wear at the weekend. So off to the supermarket me and Gary went, me wearing a nice jacket of hers!

Then we went into town where Banbury Canal Day was going on, so we had a wander around that. There was loads of stalls selling all kinds of things, a craft market, narrowboats, music, kids rides, tombolas. We met up with Julie and Hannah for a while, then they took off on their own! We then went around a few shops in the precinct. 

I suppose it was after about an hour of walking that my back and feet started to become very painful. I didn’t say anything at first because I hate having to spoil things, but I did start to suffer. I made up my mind then that I would contact my consultant tomorrow because surely this shouldn’t be happening, and I’m due to start back to work in November :/

Home, feet up, Chinese takeaway and X Factor 😃

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