Monday 5th to Tuesday 6th October

Robyn was coming back from holiday today, yay 😃

I rang QE Birmingham and spoke to one of the liver doctors’ secretarys. After I told her what my problem was with my very painful joints, she said I should contact my GP first, even though I told her I had previously been told to ring Birmingham when I had any questions. So I rang my GP, all appointments with my doctor had gone but if I rang after 5.30pm there might be some extra ones going! Weird system that.

Then I had a meeting with my boss. When I saw him about a month ago he told me it was more or less up to me on how many hours and which days I started back to work. This time he had changed his mind and seemed to have worked out a plan, which im not sure I could do, or even want to do!! And he told me I couldn’t change my day off, which last time I’m sure he said I could :/ How frustrating, aaaargh! Something else for me to try and sort out now.

Hannah had been waiting in the shop for me to finish. So I dragged her round shopping with me! Then she got her mum to meet us when she had finished work, so I got a lift back home, saved me carrying all that shopping, and I went back to theirs for a cup of tea ☕️

Then Robyn came home. It was good to have her back with me! We spent the evening having a natter, filling each other in on what we both had been doing and looking at her holiday photos through her cracked phone screen! It looked lovely there, she had a real good time.

I think she loved her bowl of apples that were waiting for her, after leaving me her instructions!

So yesterday I had eventually managed to get a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday morning. I got on the wrong bus (typical!) but luckily for me in the end it was also going to the surgery.

Dr Fisher examined my hands and feet after I explained my pain to him. Then my back, when he got to the bottom of my spine it was very painful when he was prodding around. I hadn’t expected that 😦 He took my blood and said he would ring me tomorrow with the results.

Back at home Hannah came round as it was her day off. She had brought cake, good girl Hannah! I thought she was coming round to help me clean my kitchen floor but Leah had already told her that her bedroom was a mess and did Hannah want to tidy it for her, so Hannah went in there and made a start in her bedroom instead. HANNAH 😫 So I made a start on the floor. We have the hairiest dog in the world, so before you can even begin to think of mopping, you have to get the hoover out. Then doing all round the edges on your hands and knees. Hannah did help me a little bit with this in the end.


It’s quite a job.

My poor body at the end of the day though. Agony. I probably shouldn’t have done it should I?

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