Unhappy day


Wednesday 7th October

I wasn’t feeling very happy today. I guess the fact that I couldn’t really get on with things that I wanted to do without suffering afterwards with quite a lot of pain, didn’t help. I also couldn’t concentrate. I just couldn’t get myself to do anything and it was really frustrating me. 

My doctor was due to be ringing me at 11.15 with the results of my blood tests. I think it was about 12.oo when he tried and I missed the phone call. So I tried to ring him back and he was now busy so I had to book another telephone appointment for later in the afternoon :/

So I finally gave up and decided to take myself away from everything, I went into town for coffee and cake. Then unexpectedly in comes Robyn. She was having a bad day at work so needed to get out in her lunch break. Dr Fisher also rang again while I was in there. I was deficient in two vitamins, Vitamin D and folate. He didn’t really know how to treat me, so told me it was best if I waited until my appointment in Birmingham on Monday and take their advice! He would leave a printed copy of my results at the surgery reception for me to collect and give to my consultant.

I think maybe because of my mood today, I decided to ring Birmingham when I got home and see if I could talk to my consultant. I left a message with his secretary and he phoned me back when he was on his way home from London! He said that he wanted to see me himself (rather than one of the other doctors) at clinic on Monday so could I please make it there before clinic started, as he always gets there early!

Bit scary that, what was wrong? But I was also a bit relieved as I wasn’t really happy with the last doctor I saw there. Hope to get some answers this time.

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