Toasted sandwich


Thursday 8th to Friday 9th October

Happy Birthday Lynda 🎁

And do you know how she was spending her day? 

With me, taking things to the tip!

Luckily it was a nice dry day. I had already collected quite a lot of things from the garden and put them ready to go in a big junk pile! So we loaded the car (I think a few spiders decided they were coming for a ride too 🐜) which took a while, as cars have to be parked on the road at the end of the lane by my house. Back and forward, back and forward. I helped as much as I could, but knowing I also had to unload it all again at the other end shortly I came to a stop. Lynda kept going though and tidied up what we had found underneath, loads of dead weeds, old twigs, stones etc. 

That part of the garden looks so much better, now still waiting for the path to be done.
Off we then went and unloaded it all. I tried to keep an eye on Lynda to check she was putting the things in the right skips! She’s not into recycling, I’m sure she would secretly liked to have just tipped it all into the one place!

A very good job done to get rid of all that stuff. Have been waiting to do that for a long time. Glad I’m now fit enough to be able to decide to do and organise these things, and then get to help as well.

On the way home we called into the doctors’ surgery so that I could pick up my results. In fact today was the day I heard back from my consultant, not yesterday as I have written in my previous blog. Sorry for getting it wrong :/ Details are all still the same though!

Our treat I guess was a mug of tea and a tiny mozzarella and sundried tomato toasted sandwich from Cafe Nero.

Thank you for all your hard work once again Lynda 😊

Back to cook a whole load of pasta for everyone, though I think we were all putting different things into it!

Then for my walk. I was determined to go even though I had been busy all day. I made it round. Probably shouldn’t have gone as already done too much for my body, but why should I miss out on something I like doing? I do horrible jobs all the time and have to put up with the pain, so I’m going to make sure I do something that I want to do, even though that hurts too.

It was cold out walking tonight, nice shower to try and warm myself up. Then definitely a rest.

After all that Friday was just a day spent at home.

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