New coat


Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th October

A Saturday shopping trip to Banbury and today I bought myself a new coat. I have been half heartedly looking for one for a while when we’ve been out shopping, but today I found one that I really liked. And I had an outstanding credit note for the shop that I could use, decision made!

Later it turned out to be curry Saturday at Gary’s again, luckily for me. Chicken, mushroom and cauliflower in the main curry this time. And the side dish was green beans with mustard seeds and other ingredients which I can’t remember! But it tasted real good 😃

On Sunday morning I went back home for a while to get a few odd jobs done as this afternoon we were going out to see an aeroplane! It was the XH558 on one of its farewell flights. We went to Wellesbourne airfield to see it going over. 

I couldn’t actually believe how many other people were there, I think I was expecting just a few more other cars, there were at least a thousand I would say :/

When we were sat in the car queueing to get off the airfield I noticed that some of the stitching was starting to come undone on my new coat already. Nooo, I had just found one I liked. Now it looks like I’m going to have to return it already 😦

Later we went out to find some food and called into the Blue Boar for a drink on our way home.

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