Goodbye tiles


Monday 12th October

Clinic day :/

As we would be going through Shipston where our local tip now is, I managed to persuade Robyn to call in there so we could at long last get rid of all the tiles from my garden. I have tried to sell them a couple of times and give them away on Freecycle but no ones ever interested so I had decided they just needed to go. I packed them all into boxes and bags. It was freezing out in the garden first thing in the morning! I also got Tom busy in my shed as all my boxes that were stacked on top of each other had collapsed, so he sorted it for me 🙂

Off we went. The lady from the ‘tip shop’ (where they resell many things that people have brought in) didn’t want my tiles either 😦 She said to put them in the rubble skip. Nooo. Robyn found great delight in throwing them in and smashing them. I couldn’t bear to do that, I just put them in gently! I’m sure someone somewhere would have been glad of them :/ 

So we got to clinic a bit early as requested by Prof Newberger so that he could see me himself. He gave us our ‘counselling session’ as Robyn calls it, about how all liver transplant patients are liars and when asked how their doing they say ‘fine, thank you’. Then he said about how it’s normal to not feel on top of the world which is how other people expect you to feel, and that you can still start to feel like this a year after transplant. He always seems to be able to tell when I’ve been a bit down. He always reassures me, it WILL get better!

Anyway, he just decided to give me another two kinds of tablets to take to replace the vitamins I am deficient in, Vitamin D and folate, and to wait and see if this helps my pains and to go back in a month. If not I guess they will do different investigations. Might have to restart the steroids 😦 A month seems like a long time to wait for me being in pain, he told me not to suffer and to just take regular paracetamol, that should help, but I don’t like taking all these tablets. I’ve already now got an extra five a day to take, as I have to have a double dose of Vitamin D because I am so low in it. I don’t want to take any more. I feel like I’m going backwards a bit now, not getting better. (As yet I still haven’t taken any paracetamol, silly stubborn me).

We waited for my tablets to be ready from the pharmacy. Then we sat and had a little picnic in the hospital! I had half of a coronation chicken baguette that we had got from the very nice farm shop that we called into on the way this morning, Robyn of course had been organised and brought her lunch with her, pitta bread and tonnes of fruit.

In the car park, as we were about to leave, Robyn looked in her mirror and saw my hospital friend Marina being pushed in a wheelchair by her sister. ‘Get out, Get out’ she shouted at me! as she knew I would want to see her. I was so pleased. I had text Marina a couple of times just recently and had got no reply and I had said to Robyn before that I was worried about this. We found out why. She had hardly been out of hospital since I left in April. Poor Marina hadn’t been very well at all. She has been getting infections which have been making her very poorly. She has a pump fitted inside her which is supposed to drain the fluid from her, but she’s due to have it taken out now. That seems like a good idea to me that does, as when I was in hospital with her she was always having problems and terrible pains with it. So she’s also been suspended from the transplant list at the minute because she’s not fit enough to undergo the operation. I hope they sort you out soon Marina. It honestly made my day to see you.

How lucky was that. A minute either way and we would have missed each other. In a weird way I do sometimes still miss being back in the hospital, all the hustle and bustle, I got a lot of attention I guess, and did have some fun at times with Marina, Pat and Alex.

We got stuck in a bit of traffic on the way home, then we still had to go and get the food shopping. Robyn dropped me off in one shop while she went to another! What a team 🙂 As we were back late we got Leah to help us unload the car. Jack and his brother Charlie arrived just at the right time to help with the heavy bags too. Charlie had come over to play FIFA with Jack and stay for the night. Had a bit of silly chatter with the two of them and Leah while I was putting the shopping away. I like it when I have a house full of people. Robyn was rushing about, she wanted to change and leave immediately so she could go in the gym before her yoga session started. Mad girl 💪 What a nice day off she had!  :/

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