Path saga


Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th October

Tuesday was the day. My new path was going to be laid! Or was it …

No course not. The builder knocked on the door to say that the skip wasn’t coming until later, so he would now start the job tomorrow as he didn’t particularly want to have to move the stuff, that he needed to dig up so that he could start to lay the slabs, twice. Fair enough. 

I just spent the day having a very good hoover! (which didn’t do my back much good) and other random things :/ I can always find something that needs doing.

On Wednesday morning the work on the path was started at last 🙂 It was all dug out nicely and four slabs were laid. Yes four!! My landlady’s partner had only arranged for one bag of cement to be here to do the whole path! You just have to laugh :/ So off the builder went saying he had ordered some more cement with some more sand too and that he would be back tomorrow.

I started to sort a few more of my clothes out today as I had seen the QE Hospital Birmingham tweeting about an appeal they are doing for ‘donations of clothes to help local people and patients in crisis this winter’. I have been sorting my clothes out a bit at a time for a while now and taking them to charity shops. But this latest bag will be off to Birmingham instead 😀

I also made a shepherds pie for us all! (I think in the end I managed to poison us all with this though, as we all had unsettled tummies after eating it :/ !!!)

Thursday. Where’s the builder? No idea but he certainly wasn’t in my garden today …

I met Jackie for a mug of tea and a catch up. Her sister popped in briefly. Her husband is really not very well at the moment, he’s also waiting for a liver transplant. Seems to be getting a more common thing, or is it just that I’m more aware of things like this now.

Then time for my Thursday evening walk.

Friday and the builder returned. Yay! He managed to lay the rest of the slabs apart from one at the bottom! 


Not sure this photo shows it that well but it’s not very straight and it slopes all the way down. We will all have to watch it in the icy weather 🏂 The builder told me he would be back again in the morning! This time to cut and lay a couple of slabs at the top by the back door to fill that bit in right up to the edges.

I was meeting my sister for a cuppa this time. 

This evening me and Gary went to watch Tom (Robyn’s boyfriend and the drummer in Dance a la Plage) play at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. We took Robyn and her friends Rochele and Yaz with us. It was quite a fun night. Robyn came and got me and took me down to the front to have a bit of a dance with them! On the way back they were all a bit drunk and they started to sing some songs that they used to sing at primary school, as they all went to school together. It was funny and I loved it. Brought back some nice memories. I think they all enjoyed themselves too 😀

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