Lots of food


Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th October

Well, the builder did come back Saturday morning to lay the couple of slabs at the top of the path. He told me there was going to be shingle down the rest of one side by the fence and the other side was just to be soil, I guess their thinking is that the grass should eventually grow up to it. It wasn’t done on Saturday though, so maybe it’s not him that’s going to be doing that bit? :/

Me and Gary went to Banbury in the afternoon. I decided to take my new coat back as the stitching was already starting to come undone on the sleeve and I had only worn it once. And also the zips on the pockets were really rough and kept catching on the material, sounding like it was going to tear. How annoying, I was going to be coatless again 😦

Went into BHS (among other shops). I wonder how many times I’m going to look around their Christmas shop this year, first visit done!!

We called round to Julie and Hannah’s when we got home (Robyn was also there) as they had said earlier in the day they were making oat cookies. I wanted to try some. Well, they were pretty awful πŸ˜‚ And I’m not the only one who said that, Julie didn’t like them either but Hannah seemed to! Something I did like very much was the fact that Julie had made me an apple cake. Now that WAS nice.

In the end it turned out to be curry Saturday again, how spoilt am I?


Chicken, mushroom and green bean curry with a potato, cauliflower and peas side dish. Dee-licious πŸ˜‹

Had a bit of a cooked breakfast Sunday morning! I seem to be eating a lot this weekend don’t I? :/

I went home around lunchtime to get a few jobs done and to see what Robyn and Leah were up to and then they both went out, so that backfired on me didn’t it! I felt a bit fed up at first, so I decided to just sit down and blog. But then I found out the rugby was on the TV, Australia v Scotland, I got a bit sidetracked as the game was quite exciting, I couldn’t concentrate on my blogging so I just watched that instead. Poor Scotland, they were knocked out the World Cup by just 1 point, how gutted must they have been 😦

Spent some of the evening watching X Factor. Six chair challenge. If you watch it, how annoying were the audience shouting ‘bring her back, bring her back’ ‘bring him back, bring him back’, they can’t bring everyone back once they’ve told them to go! Its a silly programme but I seem to have to watch it :/

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