Back to the Future day


Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st October

Robyn was on holiday from work this week. And what a busy week it was going to be.

On Monday we spent the day at home (well I did anyway!)  This is normally Robyn’s day off so it probably didn’t feel much different to her. She was her normal busy efficient self. She went off to yoga and then the gym in the morning. Then she goes up to her bedroom and starts to sort through her clothes, getting rid of the ones she doesn’t like or doesn’t wear anymore. A black bin bag full. This makes yet another job for me though as I now need to go through them all and see which ones I want to keep! I like all of Robyn’s clothes but obviously her being 23 and me a whole lot older, there are certain ones that I don’t think I would be able to wear :/ ‘Why are you getting rid of all this stuff Robyn?’ ‘I’m making room for the new stuff I’m going to buy tomorrow!’ She gives herself a quick lunch break then back she goes to tidy her room, change her bed, and give her carpet a good hoover! She gives herself a treat after all that, a nice bath! πŸ›€  Then dinner. Julie and Hannah call round for a cup of tea. After that brief sit down, she’s back out to meet her friend Lucie for a drink. What a busy day she’s had! And me? I did sort out some more of my clothes, sorted a few bits of paperwork, sorted and did some washing and pottered about doing other stuff. Annoyingly I didn’t seem to be as productive as Robyn though, as always 😠

Tuesday morning and we were up early as we were off on a shopping spree πŸ™‚ We were going to Swindon. As we were both looking for new coats (remember I had to take my nice new one back already 😟 ) we went to the Outlet Centre first so we could look in the Superdry shop. We both actually found coats we liked there but they didn’t have our sizes in either of them. So frustrating. Love all the clothes in that shop though. Nice place to wander around in that is! Then we went into the town centre. Robyn renewed her stock of clothes! She got some really nice stuff. I’ll probably be borrowing all of it sometime soon 😜 She also managed to find another coat that she liked and bought it this time. Of course, I couldn’t find one anywhere. Well I did find one that I tried on but the hood was SO massive my head could have fitted in it twice, I wouldn’t have been able to see where I was going or anything. So I came back with a pair of black jeggings and a top for Leah that I bought her as a treat. (Nice mummy I am!)

While we were walking around the shops I got a text from my friend Violet asking if I was still coming later. Oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten that I was meant to be going out. And after a long day shopping? :/ I would have to see what time we were back and how I felt. This also meant that I had forgotten Violet’s birthday. It was yesterday apparently. Whoops, sorry Violet.

We eventually got home at about 6.30. What on earth should I do? I think I made my mind up at 7 that I would go, and had to meet them all at 7.15!!!

I didn’t feel that great and couldn’t get comfortable the whole evening. Maybe as a result of my long day. I had a terrible throbbing pain down my leg, as well as my normal back and feet. I suffered in silence though and tried to join in through the rest of the evening. I even text Gary to ask for a lift back, which I normally wouldn’t have done. 

Wednesday already and I woke up feeling horrible. Not again. I’m so fed up with this now. It’s getting me down. Why can’t I just be better πŸ˜” I had a terrible headache, unsettled tummy as in feeling sick every now and again, and had to force myself to eat something as Robyn kept on at me!

Robyn went off to the gym again πŸ’ͺ. 

In the afternoon Lou came round (Robyn’s friend’s mum and also my friend!) as Robyn had arranged to cut her hair. So that actually worked out quite well for me today as I could sit and just take it easy and have a chat with her. That’s really all I felt like doing :/

In the evening we watched Gift of Life on Channel 5. It’s a programme following the lives of different people waiting for transplants. This week there was a 6 year old girl waiting for a heart, the first time she went in they found out the heart didn’t match, she had her transplant the second time around. There was a lady, she was alive and well, and she decided that she wanted to help another woman (who she didn’t know at all) that was unwell and waiting for a kidney. Obviously that transplant went ahead too after they both had all the tests. There was a man waiting for new lungs. He was called in to the hospital six separate times, to be told that either the lungs didn’t match, or he wasn’t well enough himself to go through the operation. That poor man didn’t make it through, his condition just got worse and he died 😦 I can’t begin to imagine what his state of mind must have been, to get your hopes up six times and then just have to try and get back on with your life, whilst still very ill. Made me realise how lucky in that way I have been. On the transplant list for just over a month and had a match the very first time. It was only after that my problems started …

Oh, just want to give my brother George a little mention. It’s his birthday today. And on ‘Back to the Future day’ too πŸ˜€

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