Picnic bench


Thursday 22nd October

Robyn was taking me to the QE today. But this time I didn’t need to be worried. We were just going to visit my hospital friend Marina. (I mentioned previously that I hadn’t heard from her for a while and that she had been quite poorly). 

On the way we took a bag of Robyn’s clothes that she had sorted out the other day to her friend’s little sister to try on and see if she wanted any, a bag of bits of pieces and two bags of clothes to the charity shop, and a bag full of carrier bags that they like to reuse, to another charity shop! Then when we got to Birmingham I had another two bags of clothes to give to their collection. Felt great getting rid of all that 🙂

Lunchtime! Robyn had made herself a packed lunch, I had thrown a Dairylea Dunker, bag of crisps and an apple in my bag! (I still wasn’t feeling like eating that much :/ ) We found what we are now calling our ‘picnic bench’ which is where we now always sit and people watch when visiting Birmingham.

Marina was asleep. We didn’t know what to do! After a bit we decided we should wake her :/ So I gently shook her arm and said ‘Marina, wake up’. She said ‘no, you’re always bothering me’!! She thought I was one of the nurses. They always seem to disturb you when you’re having a good old sleep :/ When I said it was me and I wasn’t going to do that to her she said ‘Oh hello Val’ and immediately woke up 🙂 Her sister came in later too. We had a nice afternoon. I do hope Marina soon feels much better.

We saw nurse Robyn again (who had looked after me during my stay), she’s been promoted to Sister now, and bought some of their Christmas raffle tickets. Let’s hope we win, there are some really nice prizes.

We didn’t get back until late again. Robyn was getting hangry!

Later in the evening we started to gather all our bits and pieces together in one place and get ready for the morning – Organ Donation promotion day 😀 I had been sorting bits at various times during the past couple of weeks and both my sisters gave me a few things as we were going to do a tombola to try and raise a bit of money too. So we had to organise and fold all the tickets for that. We got Jack and Leah to blow up the balloons and tie the ribbons!

All set – hope it goes okay :/

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