Hurting and itching


Monday 14th to Friday 25th May

Nothing remarkable to report!

Apart from the fact that we were all hurting like crazy after our water park adventures. What a great workout it must have been πŸ’ͺ

And I was suffering badly after being bitten while waiting to get into the water. 5 bites on my right leg and 4 on my left. Just SO incredibly itchy and then sore when I did scratch them πŸ˜– I didn’t sleep very well at all. I was putting cream on them and I started taking my antihistamine tablets again, but I didn’t really get much relief.

I had a bit of an encounter late one night with a giant spider πŸ•· Luckily before I had actually got into bed I saw it crawling across some of my clothes. I attempted to squash it but was not successful, it dropped onto the floor and ran under my bed. I thought what on earth am I going to do now, it’s going to just crawl back out and all over me during the night! I’m going to have to go and sleep on the sofa. Then I thought I’ll just have a poke about under the bed first to see if it comes back out and it did! I still wasn’t quick enough to squish it. It ran off somewhere else, I couldn’t find it, but it was obviously still on the loose in my bedroom. Oh my goodness 😳 I was very brave in the end and just got myself into bed and told myself that I must just forget about it. But I haven’t – every single time I go in there I am having a bit of a look about waiting for this dreaded πŸ•· to appear again …

We’ve been lucky with the weather and had some nice sunny days β˜€

I’ve been spending as much time in the garden as I can. From planting seeds to clearing the giant weeds that my garden seems to be good at growing. Good job satisfaction when it’s first finished though πŸ‘Œ

I’ve been on some nice walks.

I enjoyed watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but I think I enjoyed watching the FA Cup Final even more! (even though it was the wrong result in the end as Chelsea beat Manchester United 😏)

I’ve hoovered out the inside of my car. And I had to do a deal with Gary that he would wash the outside of mine if I hoovered the inside of his! Hungry work – I think we both enjoyed the barbecue in the evening πŸ”πŸ₯—

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