Thursday – Robyn and Leah


Thursday was quite a difficult day. I seemed to be upset about anything and everything.

Then Leah comes home from work and she tells me about her difficult customers or the till won’t balance or no one knows the password and she manages to solve the problem. She is a clever girl, she has a good way of thinking about things. Then sometimes she tells me about what she’s read on the Daily Mail website or do you know ‘whoever’ on Facebook, well she’s died :/ So she keeps me entertained.

Then Robyn cuts Leah’s hair and she goes from just having a tiny trim to having a fringe again. Does look nice tho.

Bit later I get upset. Think Robyn gets a bit cross with me. But she is very good with me. She talks a lot of sense to me, finds me things to do like looking up websites and things and she showed me something on the NHS Organ Donation Campaign Facebook page, a young lady who had 3 liver transplants so I don’t know why I make a fuss sometimes. She’s writing a blog too. I didn’t read all the details last night but I will be.

They both help me in very different ways and I am grateful to them both.

Here’s the little pictures for you Robyn 💆 💇 🍎 and you Leah ðŸ’ŧ📞 🍕 I know you felt left out when I used some on a previous post for Gary and Lynda.

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  1. Hi Val!
    My Name is Kate Jakes – and I am that young lady you talk about in this blog post.
    I am so sorry to hear you are unwell and waiting for a transplant – but hearing you are at the QE is fantastic as they are honestly angels at that hospital,your in the best hands possible!

    Please Please feel free to contact me at any point and I will be more then happy to chat about anything you are curious or worried about.

    Being scared is completely normal as transplant is a scary prospect but don’t forget there are always people to talk to,and we can reassure that it will be absolutely fine 🙂

    I am wishing you all the best,and again feel free to contact me at any time – I will pass my number to Robyn if you would like?

    Best and Warmest Wishes.
    Kate Jakes


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    • Hello Kate. So good to hear from you. I would definitely like to talk to you and ask some questions. And I think Robyn probably will to. Do you go into the QE and talk to people? And do you do anything else anywhere to help liver transplant patients, because I would be interested in doing that. I’ll speak to you soon. Have you found my blog interesting to read? Valerie

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