Heart at Home


Monday 1st to Monday 8th June

From the 1st of June the government changed the advice for people in England who are shielding, they can now go outside once a day. Yay! But with the overall lockdown being loosened and with other people now being allowed to meet in groups of up to 6, lots more people are going to be out and about.

Think I might need to be getting myself some of these!

It’s Volunteers’ Week.

To celebrate this Oxford University Hospitals usually organise a very lovely Strawberry Cream Tea party to say thank you to their volunteers.

But this year, because of coronavirus of course, this couldn’t happen. So instead we were all extremely lucky to be getting a Strawberry Cream Tea delivery

It was so exciting. You do start to feel a bit forgotten when your just at home a lot. A little gesture like this can make such a big difference to your day.

It was a shame I was feeling unwell, but I still set it all out nicely. Then back in the fridge it went so that I could enjoy it over the next couple of days as I felt a little better.

I saw on my Facebook memories that I have been volunteering at the John Radcliffe Hospital for 4 years now 🙂

I certainly am very much missing my weekly visits to the liver ward ☹️

The table’s turned on Sunday when I dyed Robyn’s hair. Something different!

‘Heart at Home’ – a campaign to thank everyone for staying home and protecting the most vulnerable.

Have a look at all of these amazing ‘works of heART’

They are free to download. Why not choose your favourite and then share it on your own social media pages.

Hopefully this will encourage conversation around the topic of organ donation and get more people to share their decision with their loved ones during lockdown.

How I help coronavirus patients to walk again

Oh my goodness 😰

That brings back some memories …

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