Bad day


Monday 29th June

Today wasn’t a very good day for any of us. Maybe the heat didn’t help?

It’s Robyns day off on a Monday. She was coming to see me but she also had to contact her insurance company about her crash yesterday and I think it was rather stressful! The insurance company told her that she couldn’t drive her car and that they were going to take it away tomorrow which meant she had to get the bus over to see me.

Leah was incredibly busy at work. She had made an effort early in the morning to do her hair and she put a nice dress on, as it was going to be a nice day, and then when she got there she had to put her scrubs on and her hair up because she found she was going to be dental nursing today, not sat on reception!! Poor you Leah.

Leah had found three baby birds over the weekend. Her bedroom window is underground so she has a hole cut out in front of it in the garden to let the light in. Hard to explain that really. But leaves (and also rubbish) gets blown down there. A bird must have decided that it’s a good place to build a nest as when she looked out she could see them, in a mushroom box!!! She was worried about them and wondered how they were they going to get out?! Then she spotted the mum, so hopefully they will all fly off when they are able to. Or a rescue might have to take place …

I forgot to say that when Leah visited before with Hannah, I was asking any of them for a lovely neck massage as it had been really hurting all day. None of them were keen to do it for me. Then Leah dangled this thing in front of me and said if I licked it, she would give me a quick massage. I thought it was an old apple core at first but on closer inspection I saw it was a bit of skin off my chicken 🍗 that I had eaten for tea! It was safe. So I gave it the quickest of licks – anything for a massage! My children – aren’t they lovely to me?

My brother Peter called in for a quick visit. He came with hardly any money for the car park (silly man!!) but it was nice to see him.

Robyn eventually arrived to see me, stressed out, so we had a cuddle. I was not feeling too well today as I had to constantly keep going to the toilet (I think still as a result of all the antibiotics, and which they were still pumping into me, many times a day) so my tummy was feeling a bit unsettled and I didn’t want to eat or drink, even worse than normal. For the whole of Monday I ate a few cornflakes, 4 bits of macaroni and 1 cream cracker with a little bit of cheese on top. Hmm not good.

Then Robyn decided to get a nosebleed!! Probably caused by the stress she was feeling and the heat. While that was happening Leah arrived. And that was Robyn’s lift home sorted as she had come by bus.

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