Cafe Nero


Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st May

I was due to go to clinic today but couldn’t get there. No one could have time off. I really didn’t want to be inside on my own all day today, so I decided to walk to Cafe Nero in the town for a cup of tea and play on my iPad! When I got there who did I see? My brother in law was sat in the window, killing time between jobs. He was just about to leave so I had his chair. A real good ‘people watching’ position! Then along came two ladies and sat down right beside me. One of them ate two sandwiches, a fancy yogurt and a pain aux raisin while she was sat there. Wish I had her appetite! Their conversation was quite interesting though!! But I was trapped in the corner ‘Urm excuse me, please could I get out’ 😃

I went back on the Friday but this time I was meeting my friend Jackie when she had finished work. Another friend Kate just happened to come in with her husband, so they came and sat with us. Nice.

I really must ask for a loyalty card when I’m next in there. My sister has one for most places she goes and loves getting her free cups of tea or coffee when she’s earnt them. I feel like going into competition with her. But she and her husband John are always going out somewhere (👫 ☕️ 🍷🍴 ⛳️ ✈️ what a life!!!) and I think there is no way I would be able to keep up with her.

Gary’s mum and dad came for a visit Saturday morning, so had a coffee and a natter with them. This started off in the garden for a while but the sun disappeared behind a cloud and it got cold, so then moved inside. Off they went to do some shopping, so me and Gary ended up going to Millets Farm Centre which is a farm shop, restaurant, they have a few animals there and a children’s play area, little craft shack, garden centre, maize maze and falconry centre. It makes a nice day out. Me and Gary bought some lunch and ate it overlooking the duck pond! as the sun had come back out and it was quite warm and sunny by then. Then had a wander about. When we got back home we had another one of Gary’s barbecues. Yum.

On Sunday, after sorting my recycling and rubbish bins ready for collection the next day! we went out for some dinner. To Bitter & Twisted, a local pub. I had a flatbread with chunks of sweet potato, mushrooms, spinach and haloumi cheese on top. It was absolutely delicious and my plate was empty. (Okay a small portion did end up on Gary’s fork!) I hope I can go back for more of that sometime soon.

That’s a few days passed.

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